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Under 13 minute mile finally

I’m not complaining about the slow way I’ve been increasing my speed and stamina at all – I think it’s the best way for me. But nevertheless, it feels great to finally be under 13 mins/mile.

Yesterday I ran 1.1 miles at a 12:45 pace, and then another quarter mile at the previous pace of 13:02.

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Weigh-in 11/28

Weight: 167

This week: -1
Total: -14

lose 50 pounds (read all 25 entries…)
Current weight

I was at 168 at my last weigh-in. That’s 13 pounds from late August when I started going to the gym. It is working out to an average of a pound a week, which is just fine with me.

I’ve crossed the quarter of the way mark now. It’s easy to think about how much more I have to go, but I’m just focusing on the fact that I’ve done this much already.

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