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Samiix3's Life List

  1. 1. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    21,523 people
  2. 2. fly first class on an airplane
    65 people
  3. 3. Learn to surf
    8,132 people
  4. 4. Skydive
    11,446 people
  5. 5. bungee jump
    3,927 people
  6. 6. graduate high school
    1,303 people
  7. 7. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  8. 8. Drive across the USA
    2,149 people
  9. 9. Get a tattoo
    21,929 people
  10. 10. Go white water rafting
    1,421 people
  11. 11. go on a cruise
    4,766 people
  12. 12. get my bartending license
    105 people
  13. 13. visit all 50 states
    9,053 people
  14. 14. learn how to drive stick-shift
    4,450 people
  15. 15. "Kidnap" someone for their birthday.
    5 people
  16. 16. Have someone care enough to throw me a surprise party.
    3 people
  17. 17. See "RENT" performed live
    2 people
  18. 18. make a multi-person-painted-body-rolling-around-on-large-canvas painting
    9 people
  19. 19. Swim with dolphins
    8,300 people
  20. 20. do well in college
    150 people
  21. 21. learn to dance
    7,168 people
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stay up all night wandering around outside

When i was younger me and my friends used to pull all nighters and just walk around in the neighborhood or in the woods with no where to go just walking around.. now that i think of this and how stupid it was for a couple of young girls to walk to woods at night i would still definatly do it again :)

Steal someone's lawn gnome.

Me and my friends had to wait like an hour one night before the movie we wanted to say was going to be playing, so we decided to make a list of things and try to find them in peoples yards.. it was a blast, even though we didn’t end up getting half the stuff on the list whenever we saw something we liked we stopped and one of us got out and snatched it.. we ended up making a shrine with all of the stuff in my yard and taking pictures.. it was amazing fun to pass the time :)


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