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visit all 50 states
Down to the last 23...

Perhaps it would be easiest to list the states I haven’t been to…
1. Alaska
2. Washington
3. Oregon
4. Idaho
5. Montana
6. Utah
7. Wyoming
8. North Dakota
9. South Dakota
10. Nebraska
11. Kansas
12. Iowa
13. Wisconsin
14. Kentucky
15. Tennessee
16. West Virginia
17. Ohio
18. Delaware
19. Connecticut
20. Rhode Island
21. New Hampshire
22. Vermont
23. Maine

Unfortunately, many of these are quite far from the home state… so it may take a bit longer than I would like. Must go visit friends in Connecticut, Kansas, Washington, and Nebraska. Will have to sort out the others….

visit every continent (read all 2 entries…)

I have reservations to visit Australia in November, so that will add another continent to my list… which means I’ll be up to three. Almost half. One of my friends and I were planning Peru for this year, but it’s not looking like that is going to happen.

Holding strong at 26 states, adding one more in a couple weeks… 14 countries… and will be at 3 continents by the close of the year.

see A Chorus Line (read all 2 entries…)
A Chorus Line, NYC

Ended up seeing it in NYC after all with Mario Lopez. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would, after seeing the movie. Movie does not do this justice at all. Was very impressed with NYC cast, but it’s not one of my favourite shows. Definitely worth seeing at least once though.

see Phantom of the Opera in London (read all 3 entries…)
You gave me your music... made my soul take flight...

Oh, Phantom. What more can possibly be said?

I LOVE Phantom of the Opera. I see it every chance I get, and London was no exception. It has always been my dream to see it at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, since it originally opened there… and Sir Andrew is from the UK. I hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. The cast was absolutely stellar, the theatre beautiful, and the production was magnificent. London’s Phantom has replaced Toronto’s at the top of my list, and I thought nothing would beat Toronto’s after last year! It was absolutely incredible. I really enjoyed hearing the little old ladies behind me proclaim that Sir Andrew was a genius. This is, of course, nothing new to me!

see Phantom of the Opera in London (read all 3 entries…)
It's official!

I managed to secure a ticket to see Phantom on Friday night at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I cannot wait! I hope it lives up to my hopes and expectations.

see Phantom of the Opera in London (read all 3 entries…)
Possibly next weekend!

I am heading to London this week, and I am hoping to get tickets for Friday night! I’ve always wanted to see POTO in Sir Andrew’s home.. so now might be the chance!

So excited!

See Giselle performed by the American Ballet Theatre (read all 3 entries…)
So beautiful!

I had never seen Swan Lake before, so I didn’t have any expectations, as opposed to the numerous versions of the Nutcracker I have seen. I also have never performed in it, so I don’t really know the story, other than the brief synopsis that I have read on the back of my CD. It is absolutely beautiful though. The overture begins with an evil sorceror putting a spell on a beautiful girl… The ballet actually begins at the Prince’s birthday party, which was absolutely beautiful. The costumes were so amazing and intricate. It had the same sort of pomp and circumstance that Romeo and Juliet had, but it lacked the playful demeanor. (Different ballets, I know.)

The scene at the lake was absolutely breathtaking. The sets were incredible, but the dancing was superb. I honestly think that ABT passes NYCB in terms of technique, though NYCB had the effortlessly soaring leaps over ABT. The corp dancers of ABT were so in synch, so in unison… it was so beautiful. Again, the costumes were awe inspiring. Who dreams this stuff up?? It was so incredible to be so close to Ethan Stiefel. For those of you who don’t know, he plays the cocky professional dancer in Center Stage… and there’s something about seeing a movie that you think, “How many takes did it take for them to shoot that perfectly?” No pretense here… he really is that incredible of a dancer. Paloma Herrera was the MOST incredible Odette/Odile… her arms were so fluid. Just amazing. Gillian Murphy, Julie Kent.. all the greats… they really are that great. It is humbling to be so close to such great-ness and beauty.

After intermission, we are back at the palace with the character dances… which were all fun to watch. The scene with Odile was enchanting. The costumes were all so lovely—beautiful pastels that just seemed to float. There were a few incredible pyrotechnics that added to the whole show, but the first three acts were definitely my favorite. The final scene by the lake went quickly and the ending when the Prince and Odette are reunited after death was absolutely lovely, due to the set design.

All in all, a lovely way to spend a Saturday night in LA. I’m so glad I didn’t miss it..

See Giselle performed by the American Ballet Theatre (read all 3 entries…)

Well… I am going to see the American Ballet Theater perform Swan Lake this weekend.

It counts, right??

learn german (read all 2 entries…)
Renewed start...

Now that I’m headed to Germany in a little less than a month for a short vacation, I need to start working on this daily. Everyone says German is closer to English than other languages, but it seems more difficult to me. I don’t have to be fluent in a month, but I would like to be able to get around without feeling like a garish American. I have always had such positive experiences in Germany and I like the people so much, it just seems right to be able to say more than “Guten tag” and “Danke” in their language!!

see Legally Blonde on Broadway

I went back and forth on whether or not I should see this show, but I decided to bite the bullet and see it. It’s not a serious musical, and you have to take it with a grain of salt, but it’s a totally fun, girl power, over the top musical. The dance numbers are impressive and fun, and the dogs are freaking adorable! I really enjoyed the show, because it had such a high energy level. It has a lot of the same lines from the movie, and the delivery isn’t quite the same, but it’s still good. Take your girlfriends, daughters, sisters and make it a girls night. The whole musical is reminiscent of the song Popular from Wicked, in my opinion… It’s just good fun.

see Mary Poppins in London (read all 2 entries…)
Not London... but...

I saw Mary Poppins in NYC today, as it is closing in London in January, and I knew I wouldn’t make it to London before it closed. I had mezzanine tickets, which were okay… but I have decided that I’m not going to see shows if I can’t get orchestra seats. I couldn’t see the top of the stage, which was frustrating. The staging was phenomenal. It’s not anything like the movie, but it’s still worth seeing. Perhaps most frustrating was the number of people who didn’t heed the advisory for children under 5. It is really frustrating to pay so much for tickets and have screaming kids in the theater. Anyway, the cast was very talented , the dancing was incredible, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Disney. I wish I had been able to see it in London, but it was incredible in NYC all the same.

see the NYCB's Nutcracker (read all 3 entries…)
Wonderful. Just. Wonderful.

I cried. I knew I would, but I didn’t expect to cry twice. I cried during the Waltz of the Snowflakes, and again during Waltz of the Flowers. The dancer who was Dew Drop was absolutely incredible… seriously. She made everything look so effortless and easy. I only wish I had half the talent that she has in her pinky toe. The whole performance was simply magical. I had center orchestra seats, so I could see everything up close. The young dancers who played Marie (Clara) and Fritz were GREAT! I have no idea how old they were, but I suspect they will both go far, should they choose to continue their studies. Probably most surprising to me is how much choreography other companies seem to have ‘borrowed’ from Balanchine’s Nutcracker. He is definitely the cornerstone for it, based on what I have seen and experienced… and all this time, I had no idea.

See "Wicked" on Broadway
Wicked is love.

I’ve seen it on tour multiple times (4 times this year) in multiple cities… and I just saw it at the Gershwin in NYC… and it was even more incredible than I could have hoped it could be. It was over and beyond everything I’ve seen before—it truly was magical. I definitely recommend seeing it at it’s original home if you can; if not, see it in the city near you anyway!

Take more pictures (read all 2 entries…)
A new camera...

I got a digital SLR for my birthday/Christmas from my parents, and I have a renewed sense of focus for this goal. I am going to New York City after Christmas, and I want to really know my camera, so I’m going to spend the next month taking as many pictures as possible. I have two lenses, a UV filter, 2 batteries, and I’m ready to shoot. I am also thinking about setting up a photo blog, as well as a flickr photo stream to inspire myself.

See Wicked in 2007
3 times, so far...

I have actually seen Wicked three times this year. I saw it twice in Dallas, because the cast was so incredible. I took one of my friends to see in LA this weekend, and while the cast was good; I definitely thought the Dallas cast was better. Wicked is so amazing. I never get tired of seeing it. I absolutely love the music. I am going to NYC at the end of the year, so Wicked might be a possibility again this year. I really wish I had been able to see it in London with Idina though.

see Mary Poppins in London (read all 2 entries…)
Not London. but...

So, my Christmas trip to Europe has been postponed, and I have decided to go to New York City, again. I’m meeting up with one of my friends from college, and while she is going to see the NY Jets game on December 30, I have tickets to see Mary Poppins! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but I love the music, so I’m sure it will be spectacular. Also, it’s closing in the West End in January, so if I can’t see it there, I might as well see it on Broadway!

see the NYCB's Nutcracker (read all 3 entries…)
I've got the golden ticket!

I bought my ticket this week. I was able to get center orchestra seats for the Friday night performance when I am in NYC. I am so, so, so excited! I’m just waiting on the ticket to come in the mail… and I need to start planning my wardrobe. I cannot wait to see the NYCB though. December cannot get here fast enough!!!!! I cannot wait to experience it for myself.

see the NYCB's Nutcracker (read all 3 entries…)
It's going to happen!

I am going to NYC in December for a week… One of my friends was planning on going and invited me along. I was dubious, because I had planned on going to Europe… but I didn’t have a good feeling about it, so I decided to do NYC instead! I am definitely, definitely, definitely getting tickets to The Nutcracker. I cannot wait to NYCB. They are the best of the best in the US… and I absolutely cannot wait to experience the magic for myself. I think it may be bittersweet, seeing performances always is for me, since I always wanted to be a professional dancer. I have such great expectations for this—I hope I’m not disappointed.

See Giselle performed by the American Ballet Theatre (read all 3 entries…)
Not anytime soon...

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this anytime soon. It doesn’t look like Giselle is in their repertoire this year. However, ABT is coming to LA next March and performing Swan Lake, which will be just as amazing. I think I’m definitely going to try and go to that performance. They are doing Sleeping Beauty in Chicago, Miami, and DC… which would be AMAZING to see… but I don’t have plans to be in any of those places next year as of yet… So, it looks like Giselle will be put on hold and Swan Lake will take center stage for now. Anything by ABT will undoubtedly be incredible.

see A Chorus Line (read all 2 entries…)
LA, next year!

It’s coming to LA next April, so I’m going to try and get tickets. I saw an advert for it while I was downtown seeing Avenue Q, and it got me really excited about seeing it!

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