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become fluent in french
In high school...

I took french for three years and high school and one year in college. Last semester I went to a once a week meeting led by a french speaker. I would like to pursue fluency third to Mandarin and Arabic, so maybe this summer, only if my classes and Mandarin and Arabic are getting enough attention, I can add vocabulary to supermemo and use Pimsleur. Then, once I graduate, I will pursue a graduate program where I can study Russian as well and pursue higher fluency in the first three. But in that graduate program, I’d also like to do something with math… It’s an adventure!!!

Become fluent in Arabic

I started Arabic classes in fall of 2011, and am in my second semester. I am working on vocabulary/writing through supermemo, and over the summer when I do not have Arabic classes, I will use Pimsleur. It will be a lot of work-keeping up with Mandarin and Arabic, and possibly French? But I think I can do it! :)

become fluent in chinese

I started studying Chinese in the fall of 07. I took a year of it very successfully, then took a year in China-not so successfully. Then I studied on my own for two years-successful!! Using “supermemo” for the vocabulary and characters and Pimsleur for the speaking. Then I spent a summer in China. SUPER improvement. I’m so proud. I took another semester of classes from fall til now, and though I’ve stopped classes for now, I’m working on becoming friends with Chinese speakers. I think I’m close to fluent. I’d love to speak only mandarin for a few months sometime. Maybe I’ll give up speaking English for Lent… :P

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