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become fluent in french
In high school...

I took french for three years and high school and one year in college. Last semester I went to a once a week meeting led by a french speaker. I would like to pursue fluency third to Mandarin and Arabic, so maybe this summer, only if my classes and Mandarin and Arabic are getting enough attention, I can add vocabulary to supermemo and use Pimsleur. Then, once I graduate, I will pursue a graduate program where I can study Russian as well and pursue higher fluency in the first three. But in that graduate program, I’d also like to do something with math… It’s an adventure!!!

Become fluent in Arabic

I started Arabic classes in fall of 2011, and am in my second semester. I am working on vocabulary/writing through supermemo, and over the summer when I do not have Arabic classes, I will use Pimsleur. It will be a lot of work-keeping up with Mandarin and Arabic, and possibly French? But I think I can do it! :)

become fluent in chinese

I started studying Chinese in the fall of 07. I took a year of it very successfully, then took a year in China-not so successfully. Then I studied on my own for two years-successful!! Using “supermemo” for the vocabulary and characters and Pimsleur for the speaking. Then I spent a summer in China. SUPER improvement. I’m so proud. I took another semester of classes from fall til now, and though I’ve stopped classes for now, I’m working on becoming friends with Chinese speakers. I think I’m close to fluent. I’d love to speak only mandarin for a few months sometime. Maybe I’ll give up speaking English for Lent… :P

make a video diary
A little Frustration

So the thing about this is, I live in a dormitory. With THIN walls. And three roommates. I can’t exactly be REALLY open. Step one: find a private, easily accessible location where I won’t be interrupted or overheard.

Learn the rosary in latin. (read all 2 entries…)
In nomine patri..

I don’t have it fully memorized, but I’ve said it many times now. It’s just the mysteries that are hard-they change every day. (There are five mysteries per day and four sets of them and they alternate). Confusing. But.. YAY.

become motivated

I’m on the upswing of life and starting to become motivated. Here’s how: ME. I get unmotivated when other people try to push me to “get motivated.” The more they push, the more I want to be alone and unproductive. I’m moving into an apartment by myself and I’m using a journal to write about life, and another one to begin my book. Having an early morning commitment JUST for the sake of BEING UP EARLY is a GREAT idea. For example, yoga at 720 am got me to do a TON of things in the last two days including find an apartment, find parking, rent the apartment, fix my ipod, pick up my computer, write in my journal, read my book, buy a new work shirt, etc.

grow my hair long

VITAMIN B12 ALL THE WAY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!! Won’t be long til my hair is EXTRA EXTRA LONG!

improve my vision and hearing.

Exercises are available for both! AHH YAY!!

Take care of my body.

I’ve been better, it’s just a matter of combining healthy techniques. I’ve gone vegetarian, and am currently not eating fried foods or sugar, but when I get home I’ll be able to be as active as I was, well, not as much as at the kung fu academy, but as much as before. I’ll stretch every day, exercise 5-6 days a week and keep eating as healthy as possible. I’d like to drink a glass of red wine per day and have 2 tbs olive oil a day… AND 1-2 pieces of symphony bar chocolate per night. mmm… Chocolate is essential for health… woman emotional health. Haha, all three of the things I mentioned are bad for you in excess. Moderation practice here! I’ll go back to being caffeine free. Which I was for over 4 months until this weekend. One cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll allow myself one every four months? hmmm if you’re reading this, I apologize. haha.. I’m going to also try to limit alcohol, which I’ve never had a problem with, but my housing situation will offer more opportunities for that. I also want to work on my posture and maybe even mental health-maybe go to a free student counselor! Get insight from that perspective. Also take care of my hair and my skin, wash my face every morning and night, brush and floss my teeth every morning and night, find out how to grow my hair longer without breakage. Wear sunscreen. pluck eyebrows… shave regularly, keep lotion on, chapstick (never a problem unless I run out.) nair… take care of feet… improve vision, wear sunglasses… eye exercises…yup. I’ll edit later.

go skinny dipping

Best friend. I think there are three of us who will do it. We came close one night but we weren’t fully skinny dipping, we “dipped” by going low into the water but it wasn’t a night of swimming. So we’ll do it this summer! OOh and I even know where and when! Hoorah!!

Limit my posessions

A tip on what has helped me-if you know that simplifying your life involves limiting your posessions, then as you are able to sever the bond between you and those posessions, life gets easier. Minus my guitar, my photos, and my writings, if I lose something or want to give it away, not only is it not a loss, it is a gain-a gain of simplicity. I lose things all the time and you would not believe the relief it gives me! If its a wallet or a phone charger it sucks slightly more. But you get the idea.

I’m going to be moving into a new house soon and it’s the perfect opportunity! I’ll work on making a list. And I mean, comprehensive! lol.

2 hammocks, 1 hammock stand or hammock mounts.
1 Ipod (give away the small one to my mom!)
1 pair of headphones
My two babies. (Lily and Lyla my beautiful guitars)
Guitar case, capo, pick
Black and white paint. To paint anything in my life!!!
2 pairs of jeans. It’s all a girl needs! Paint them when boring.
5 pairs of shoes. A little excessive, I know. 1 running. 1 heels. 3 converse. Sorry. Can’t resist.
1 Phone. Give away the other. And the 3 sim cards!
5 wigs. Long story.
4 pairs of nunchucks. Long story.
1 Rosary
1 Computer charger
1 Phone charger
1 Ipod cord
1 Camera
1 Video Camera
1 Camera cases.
Camera cords.
1 Video camera battery charger.
1 SMALL box of jewelry.
4 arm bands
Unlimited books. Sorry, my great weakness. A good one, I think though.
3 hats
1 watch

I obviously need to add more essentials and Take a ton more unessentials off of it. this is difficult. It will take time. I’m excited though! I feel better already.

simplify my life

A pretty complicated goal. haha. I think it will start with limiting my possessions and saying NO. :) yay!

hold a panda

SPRING BREAK!!! Before I start my journey up the mountain, I’m going to hold a panda. :) Yay! I’ll post a picture.

Learn the rosary in latin. (read all 2 entries…)
Latin Rosary?

Memorize it. Say it. Make it a part of my religion. (I’m not Catholic, I’m not Christian, or not really. I’m picking my favorite parts of philosophies and religions to create the one that makes me happy! :P) I have the first three parts memorized, the Sign of the Cross (super easy) Apostle’s Creed (Pretty hard) , Hail Mary (medium). I have a Rosary that I had made in a pearl market, here in China. I’m also observing lent as a part of my religion, but that’s about the only other element of Catholicism that I’ve borrowed. I’m using a tiny bit of buddhism, wiccan, “the secret,” certain song lyrics, even some lessons I learned at a kung fu academy here from an extremely amazing shifu (master). it’s nothing cult-y or anything, it’s just the things that make me me, and make me believe in something. haha.. so there’s a little piece of my wacky, unsolved, undefined life. I’m on the journey, right? “Find myself.” i’ve gone to find myself. If I get back before I return, keep me here….

I love this website! thanks to my friend who gave me cheers on another! I don’t know how to give cheers back yet… I’ll figure it out!

In nomine patris et filii et spiritu sancti… credo in deum, patrem omnipotentum…................. (It goes on forEVER)



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