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shave my pubic hair
OH What a feeling

I want to do it again. Yes I have done it….
years ago. I posted this because I want that feeling of
every little move you make…especially in boxers…
makes you want to grab yourself and tug one off.

shave my missis down under
Nothing like a smooth Pussy

She let me do it years ago. I know that the feeling of bieng soo sensitive drove her crazy. She kept it smooth for about a month then go tired of the up keep.
I’ll never forget, every time she had a minute her hand would be in her panties…rubbin off another one.

go to boston
I've been to Boston in Fall

and the summer…..
I grew up in Ct and only in the last few years have I discovered
what a great city Boston is. Food, Fun, History and of course lots of pubs and taverans.

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