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I'm doing 43 things

(¯`·._.·MicheLLe·._.·´¯)'s Life List

  1. 1. declare Feb 1-7 Hasselhoff Avatar week
    0 people
  2. 2. Have SeXySheLLay fall in love with me.
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  3. 3. stop feeling as thou I am missing something all the time!
    1 entry . 4 cheers
    1 person
  4. 4. get over a broken heart
    5 cheers
    288 people
  5. 5. play strip hide-and-seek
    3 cheers
    303 people
  6. 6. find out whos subscribed to me
    3 cheers
    6 people
  7. 7. love myself
    6 cheers
    5,147 people
    5 cheers
    1 person
  9. 9. Allow myself to only be treated well by the people I choose to have friendships and relationships with. If they do not, I need to find the courage to move on without them.
    5 cheers
    267 people
  10. 10. Fire a gun
    2 team members . 4 cheers
    176 people
  11. 11. Fight Foo
    2 team members . 2 cheers
    3 people
  12. 12. drink more water and less soda
    4 cheers
    136 people
  13. 13. learn to flirt
    1 entry . 5 cheers
    261 people
  14. 14. meet Scott Wiedeman!
    1 cheer
    1 person
  15. 15. become a better speller.
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    46 people
  16. 16. Stop over thinking everything
    1 entry . 4 cheers
    96 people
  17. 17. L:U:C:K F:O:V:E!
    2 cheers
    1 person
  18. 18. You to wear me like a locket around your throat
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  19. 19. NOTHING!
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    1,456 people
  20. 20. Send a message in a bottle
    3 cheers
    4,120 people
  21. 21. To live instead of exist
    5 cheers
    11,477 people
  22. 22. fall asleep outside watching the stars with someone i care about
    6 cheers
    915 people
  23. 23. Research our family tree
    4 cheers
    16 people
  24. 24. see Rena again :(
    2 entries . 1 cheer
    2 people
  25. 25. wants to sing without making my dog howl, heh
    5 cheers
    1 person
  26. 26. take a sexercise class
    1 entry . 10 cheers
    3 people
  27. 27. make love in the rain
    8 cheers
    2,016 people
  28. 28. Learn how to tie the stem of a cherry with my tongue
    8 cheers
    50 people
  29. 29. get a new tattoo
    4 cheers
    630 people
  30. 30. stop giving up
    1 entry . 9 cheers
    41 people
  31. 31. find my soulmate A REAL ONE
    15 cheers
    1 person
  32. 32. STOP adding things to this
    2 cheers
    1 person
  33. 33. Live on the beach
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    593 people
  34. 34. get laid
    2 team members . 4 cheers
    1,392 people
  35. 35. SToP messing with my MySpace
    2 entries . 3 cheers
    1 person
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  37. 37. beat my irish car bomb record
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    1 person
  38. 38. sTOP thinKin about HIM
    1 entry . 5 cheers
    3 people
  39. 39. stop biting my lip
    3 cheers
    155 people
  40. 40. Go to a rodeo
    6 cheers
    63 people
  41. 41. stop singing Dashboard Confessional lyrics constantly
    1 entry . 2 cheers
    1 person
  42. 42. BITCHSLAP 43 people!
    6 cheers
    3 people
  43. 43. fall madly in love and be happy
    1 entry . 11 cheers
    1 person
Recent entries
fall madly in love and be happy

I guess what I want is not so special.. Just Real LOVE. Ridiculous, Inconvenient, all Consuming, Can’t Live Without Each Other LOVE….Is that too much to ask for?

learn to flirt
Top 10 flirting tips

Top 10: Flirting Tips =)

Here are the top 10 ways you can approach a woman and engage in stimulating conversation without the fear of an adverse reaction on her part.

Number 10

Compare her to art
Tell her that her flowing hair is like the lines of a famous painting. But don’t get too technical: Comparing her to works from Picasso’s “cubism” phase may achieve less-than-desirable results.

Aside from being both clever and original, an artistic comparison suggests that you’re an intellectual, have a profound interest in something other than football, and are not afraid to show off your softer side.

Number 9

Look at her seductively
Otherwise known as an “eye smile,” a provocative glance is more than just a regular smile in that you also communicate your feelings non-verbally. It can take the place of a thousand pickup lines and is likely a safer bet. After all, you can hardly come on too strong with a look and she’s less likely to misread your signals.

Number 8

Give her an original compliment
The trick here is to not to make any obvious observations (the old, “that sweater looks great on you” line is getting predictable).

If she’s really attractive, chances are she’s heard all the old clichés, so instead, catch her off guard and say something nice about her shoulders (yes, her shoulders). You can also try to speak her language and talk about her whole outfit without sounding too effeminate, or try guessing what perfume she’s wearing. But be sure you know your perfumes, or this tactic may backfire.

Number 7

Pay attention to detail
Take a mental note of everything she’s wearing, from her earrings to her shoes, and everything in between. This will prove to be especially rewarding in the future. She’ll be so touched that you actually remembered every little detail, she’s bound to feel exceptional.

Number 6

Give her space
If she seems reluctant to hand out her home number, don’t try to force it out of her (even if things went smoothly up to that point). She may want to take things especially slow, or may not even be interested. Mention that you wouldn’t mind calling her once in a while and let her take it from there. Part of the flirting process involves giving women some breathing room, so don’t cling to her the whole night either.

Number 5

Show off your vocabulary
In other words, flatter her with your vast knowledge of the English language. Show her that you’re accustomed to such literary greats as Shakespeare and Chekhov, and not just Marvel comics.

Articulating yourself allows her to see you in a more profound light. If your vocabulary is truly limited, just look up a few interesting words and use them accordingly. The trick is to use words that are clever enough to impress but not so intricate that she’ll know you’re trying too hard. And, above all, avoid words that you don’t know the meanings of, in case she asks (or worse, you use them in the wrong context).

Number 4

Make her laugh
Have a few original jokes on hand that are both harmless and can be universally appreciated, like making fun of the in-laws. Or, you can simply play off your surroundings in order to establish a casual, friendly atmosphere between the two of you (relating an ironic situation to a Seinfeld episode has been proven to work, if the setting is right).

Getting a few chuckles out of her will make her feel comfortable and chances are you’ll develop a friendship more quickly (which may or may not lead to romance…).

Number 3

Don’t allude to sex
You don’t want to imply that you’re only cozying up to her for one reason. Sit back, relax, and take the time to get to know her as a person, not just as another entry in your little black book.

If any sex talk does come up however, make sure she’s the one who initiated it.

Number 2

Ask open-ended questions
Get her to open up about things that would make anyone happy, like vacations, shopping, or favorite books and authors.

The logic is quite simple: by putting her in a blissful state, emotionally and mentally, her reception toward you will be much warmer and friendlier. You immediately get on her good side, which makes the outlook on a budding relationship that much brighter.

Number 1

Make her feel beautiful and unique
Give her the impression that she’s one of a kind and truly remarkable (and she may very well be), and you’ll forever be in her good graces. Go ahead and tell her she’s flat-out hot; this is one time you can assure you won’t end up with your foot in your mouth.

To seal the deal, don’t get distracted and start checking out the newest arrivals at whatever bar or restaurant you two are in. Making her feel special involves ignoring everyone else in the room.

look who’s talking

Now get out there and flirt, there are women who are waiting for you to talk to them.

become a better speller

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The rset can be a taotl mses and yhou can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs rpsoet it.

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