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  1. 1. make and sell lamps out of driftwood
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  2. 2. think
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  3. 3. sell my photographs
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  4. 4. Get paid to be me
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Learn a form of kung fu/judo/etc
Judo is best!

Judo has helped me a great deal. You are certainly not wasting your time learning break-falls for three months. I’m a fall down drunk kind of guy, and I tell you what, once I got used to falling properly on instinct through countless repetitions, I haven’t hurt myself since!

Bowl over 200 (read all 3 entries…)
246... yeah, in practice

I rocked it hardcore the other day. I would’ve had a 266 but I guttered my second ball in the tenth. I was fuming!! But I followed with another strike. Sadly, this was just in practice. My highest league score is a 192, so until I get that 200 (maybe tonight) I won’t be satisfied.

Get paid to be me
Who am I to get paid for being me?

No one will ever get paid to simply exist. I need to find out who I am and what I can do in the scope of just being me that will get me money. Writing seems to be the most logical solution, or some other form of art. If you are expressing yourself, you’re being yourself or manifesting yourself, am I right? If I can do this well enough, I should be able to get paid for it.

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