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Virtual Secret Santa 2013 (read all 14 entries…)
Ho ho ho ho!

Belated Merry Christmas WaterfallNymph!

Santa has been delayed but don’t fret, I have some goodies for you, good girl.

That is your expensive playground gift right there. It’s exclusively for you and you only. That is where you are going to conquer your fear of riding a bike.

(See the comments for more gifts!)

Virtual Secret Santa 2013 (read all 14 entries…)
Dear Renewalsh

Well Santa was just waking up from his usual post Christmas nap and was clearing up the sleigh when a discovery was made. Renewalsh’s present still undelivered.

I am sorry this is late, dear Renewalsh, but I hope you can enjoy this as a Christmas AND new year present.

To help you cultivate your artistic side, how about this bird sculpture,plus an artists kit so that you can create your own art and help that artist inside you emerge!

Now here is a lovely garden and summer house. Perhaps it could provide the perfect setting to photograph some more birds. Or even provide inspiration for more art work.

And here is a new camera, equipped with all the features you will need to help you capture those little birds before they fly away.

Next, this magical stop watch, which can stop time for a while to help you work on your goals, including finishing that petit point angel tapestry and playing the piano each day.

And lastly, this teleportation device so that you can instantly call in on your children when you feel like it, or even visit other parts of the world in your lunch hour.


From your tardy, but well meaning, Secret Santa.

Virtual Secret Santa 2013 (read all 14 entries…)
Anne, Santa knows you'd like to live or work on a farm...

how about growing and harvesting flowers, herbs and lavender?

Merry Christmas from (Secret) Santa!

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