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  1. 1. fall in love
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  2. 2. Mend my broken heart
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  3. 3. find the one
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  4. 4. Sit under the stars with someone i like
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  5. 5. discover what love is
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  6. 6. lose my fear
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  7. 7. adopt
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Love a child unconditionally

For me adoption would be a greater joy than having children biologically. The problem is I’m single and any child needs a father. Would it be selfish to go ahead?

Sit under the stars with someone i like
I wish

If only…It will never happen. No man has ever truly loved me, except my dad.

find the one
Will it ever happen to me?

I feel so sad and lonely. I’ve never had anyone special to share my innermost feelings. I appear to have been cursed when it comes to finding true love.

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