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SeptemberSunsrise's Life List

  1. 1. find a job that I love
    438 people
  2. 2. drink more water
    20,215 people
  3. 3. Get a tattoo
    21,928 people
  4. 4. learn to cook
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    10,142 people
  5. 5. move to colorado
    226 people
  6. 6. learn to drive a stick
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  7. 7. Keep a journal
    3,733 people
  8. 8. find the perfect pair of jeans
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    606 people
  9. 9. Own a dog
    908 people
  10. 10. decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life
    7,208 people
  11. 11. Get a Master Degree
    136 people
  12. 12. Make a quilt
    1,242 people
  13. 13. learn how to say 'no'
    130 people
  14. 14. laugh more often
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    260 people
  15. 15. pay off debt
    762 people
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travel to europe

I don’t even have the words…it was indescribable!! I could go back for a year and never see everything I want to see. My trip was a summer trip, studying in Oxford, with a one week “Spring Break” to travel around in Europe. Amazing! I’d jump on a plane and go back tomorrow if I could!!

run a marathon
I was the bench warmer back in high school...

Look at me now!! I’ve never been a runner, but I decided to do this with a good friend and I loved it!! We built up over about 5 months, and I have to say I was in the best shape of my life. Started the race with the first terrible cold I’d had all year, which ironically started the night before, and also had a banged up knee from a dirt bike accident, but 6 hours later, finished strong. Our bodies are so amazing!! Learned a lot about myself through this experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!

learn sign language
I love Sign!!

I learned to Sign and work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids…absolutely love it!

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