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  1. 1. grow spiritually
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  2. 2. Be a Proverbs 31 woman
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  3. 3. be more creative
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  4. 4. be more affectionate
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  5. 5. be frugal
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  6. 6. do yoga regularly
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  7. 7. exercise 3X a week
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Recent entries
grow spiritually
find myself in faith

Its time to make this my first priority. Its time to find myself in faith. I have started reading christian based books on living life in general, as well as a “pamphlet” on the books of John and Romans. I plan to finish these three by next week and move on to more literary endevours of the sort. I already feel more at peace and centered. Can’t wait to get deeper into this.

be more creative
bE cReAtIvE

The idea here is to be creative in EVERYTHING I do, whether it be in my drawings or manifested in daily life, such as dating, cooking and school work.
I have started to draw with pastels and I love it. I feel more relaxed and have atleast one thing to put in the “interest box”.


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