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The Rug

Here’s the last photo I took of my progress on the needlepoint cat rug. I look forward to working on it again when I can afford to have my belongings shipped to me.

become a parent (read all 5 entries…)
A baby hope chest

I first had the idea a couple of years ago to start making things for my future baby. Not only is this because I like doing crafts, but more importantly because I felt it would help set the energy in motion for becoming a mother. I have been working on and off on the needlepoint cat rug (see previous entries fr this goal) but when I moved to the US recently I left most of my belongings behind in storage. I wasn’t able to bring this project as it was on a large loom, and I have been missing working on it.

I recently started working on a Mother Earth cross stitch picture, which I have listed as a separate goal, but this too is intended for my future child’s bedroom.

I really do want to make this goal of becoming a mother a priority and I feel it’s important to do a number of things. One is to act as if I am already pregnant, meaning treating my body like a temple, taking prenatal vitamins, eating well and getting plenty of rest. And also to work on this goal on a metaphysical level, visualizing, affirming, praying, and focusing on attaining my heart’s desire.

Creating a baby hope chest is part of the latter. I am going to shop around and save up for a real cedar-lined hope chest so I can start stocking it up….in the meantime as I make things I will find somewhere to stash them, perhaps in one of my suitcases.

Although my nice embroidery sewing machine is in storage right now, I did buy an inexpensive little machine that can sew basic things (no denim or heavy fabrics). I picked up a few patterns that were on sale and all of them are for baby items. I’m super excited to start sewing some things. And of course I’ll be knitting items as well as I love to knit. I also have several more cross stitch pictures planned for baby’s room.

I decided to create a blog yesterday, something I have never done before, to document my progress in filling the hope chest and eventually my journey through pregnancy (or adoption or whatever is meant to be).

I am excited to be focusing on this goal again. For a while I had almost given up on becoming a parent altogether. I was sick for so long I never thought I’d be healthy enough to get pregnant. I started looking into adoption and was discouraged by how many hoops you have to jump through just to prove you are a good person and deserving of being a parent. The process also drove a wedge between my common-law-husband and I at the time, as I couldn’t see how he could truly be willing to commit to raising a child together but absolutely refuse to marry me or even discuss it.

Now I have a new life, a new relationship, and new hope for my future. I am truly reinventing myself and becoming the person I want to be! And that includes finally becoming a mother.

Complete Mother Earth cross stitch picture (read all 3 entries…)
Week Two

I had really bad allergies this week and my eyelids totally swelled up. As a result I didn’t leave the house for two days, so with that and stitching for at least an hour a day the rest of the week I got a lot done! She’s looking good….by the end of this week she’ll have a face! lol

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