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  1. 1. become vegan
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  2. 2. Live in a town like Stars Hollow
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  3. 3. stop caring too much about what others might think/ say about me!
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  4. 4. Be A Free Spirit
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  5. 5. embrace "Your Opinion Of Me Does Not Affect My Opinion Of Me"
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  6. 6. cook a vegan dinner for my friends to show them that you can eat good without meat, milk product and eggs =)
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  7. 7. move out
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  8. 8. don't let people annoy/ provoke me too easily and just smile instead
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  9. 9. fit perfectly in this one pair of jeans
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  10. 10. have a mother-child relationship like lorelai and rory do. I want to be a parent but also a cool best friend
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  11. 11. finally meet my good friend laura again and party party party! It's been too long!
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  12. 12. run away, go to places i adore, stay there as long as i want and just live
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  13. 13. Secret Goal
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  14. 14. run and do pilates 6 times a week !
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  15. 15. Get a tattoo
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  16. 16. take photos in a photo booth
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  17. 17. Run a half-marathon
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  18. 18. don't let others push me away from what I believe in and don't give a shit about what they say/think
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  19. 19. I would like to see a day when animals are nolonger harmed or slaughtered for human consumption
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  20. 20. save animals
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  21. 21. start being more motivated
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  22. 22. be independent
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  23. 23. Travel to Alaska
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  24. 24. learn to express myself better
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  25. 25. have an adventure
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  26. 26. sleep under the stars
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  27. 27. see the northern lights
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  28. 28. travel to Ireland
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  29. 29. make a great nice trip with my grandma to wherever we wanna go for at least 1 week!
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  30. 30. dive in the ocean with dolphins joining me
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  31. 31. stand up for what i believe in
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  32. 32. fearlessly live the life I want to live, be who I truly want to be, welcome change, unleash my inner, creative, adventurous, warrior self, and have no apologies for it, whatsoever, to anyone
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  33. 33. Tell a taxi driver "FOLLOW THAT CAR"
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  34. 34. become an animal rights activist
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  35. 35. get the body I want to have
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  36. 36. go to Bonnaroo
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Recent entries
get the tattoo on my wrist when I've been vegan for 8 months (read all 4 entries…)

ive been vegan since january now. but not consequently. i had little non-vegan eating attacks. and im not going to overlook those.

that’s why im going to start tomorrow, 18.04.12, to continue eating vegan. but only vegan. and im going to update regularly now on here =)

find a friend who i really have a connection to, my soulmate

my best friend is my soulmate.
i know her almost all my life, but it took me that long to finally realize it.
lately i’ve been thinking a lot about love, friendship, family.
my friends are my family. those are the people where i can be myself around. i honestly dont know what i would do without them, especially my best friend.
my “real” family aren’t people i feel comfortable around. i neither have a relationship nor a connection with my parents. they are just my “producers”. nothing else connects us. they are making me mentally ill and im so glad that im going to move out within this month.
everythings going to change from that moment on. !
im going to get better and im going to get it right!
im not only having the will to do it, but also my beautiful best friend and my boyfriend, who are and will be there for me.
im very sad, that i have to leave my beloved dog behind. but she’s going to live with my grandparents and they love her so much, that i will be okay with it. cause i know that robyn will have it better there, than where i live. and it’s not like we’re never going to see each other.

my new life starts. away from those people that contaminate my spirit. just 2 more weeks to endure !!!

get an industrial piercing (read all 2 entries…)

so i finally went to this piercing and tattoo studio called “house of pain” (hahhaha ;]) and was ready for my industrial piercing. when the piercer told me that my ear wasn’t suitable for an industrial, it didn’t really surprise me, since the other studio already told me that it isn’t. so i spontaneously decided to get a helix forward and im veeeery content with the outcome :D

that’s how mine looks like too ;)

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