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The first one

I just took the paper on Cell and Molecular Biology, and I could tell the professor was taking revenge! But, if(I guess), I was more enthusiastic about it, I would’ve aced this one, and easily. Oh, well. What’s dones done. I could still top. The next one in my cup of tea. At least, that’s what my internals in Bio-Organic Chemistry say.

Learn to play the guitar (read all 2 entries…)
26th January, 2009

It’s finally happening! Travelling a bit, once a week, with Sarah for a 2 hour class with the teacher, who seems perfect! It’s happening!!

sing every day
Siiing sing, sing SING!

I learnt Hindustani Classical singing for 3 years when I was 8, and no one knows better than me, perhaps, the importance of keeping the vocal chords working. Dad’s been telling me for ages, and this along with the guitar bit, is something I need to do everyday. Here’s hoping I do.

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