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get over my ex
I still love her so much

I just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years. I can’t even explain the reasons why we split up. We love each other a lot, but just can’t seem to get along. It hurts so much!

Paint an abstract oil painting
I'm sooooo not an artist

My girlfriend and I were watching a documentary about this 4 year old little girl whose paintings were selling for thousands of dollars. I can’t remember her name but she was all over the news a while back. Anyhoo, this inspired us to see what we can do with a canvas and some tubes of paint. Since we’re competitive about everything we decided to make a contest of it. Who will be doing the judging, I have no clue. I’m pretty excited about it. Even if it comes out looking like crap, it’ll be fun I bet!

start going to the gym
I pay the membership fees but never go

It’s so frustrating to see the money come out of my bank account every month and then think, “Damn, I didn’t go there even once this month.” I can make every excuse, but of course it comes down to laziness. I’m not overweight but not in the best shape either. I used to be the biggest gym rat. Just need to get motivated to start going again. I love yoga and pilates. I actually miss going, but can’t get my lazy self started.

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