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1st Day of Low-Card Diet

About 8 days ago I completly quit caffiene and am now drinking only water. My appetite has dramatically been reduced as well. I feel great compared to what I did before this but now I have the need to feel even better. Today (Feb 1st) the scale said I was 245lbs. I have a primary goal of getting thru the month of February without giving up. I will let my weight do what it will and not worry to much about numbers for now. If I succeed with that I will see where I am at March 1st and build upon it with new goals. For now its all one day at a time.

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Day 9 and maybe I am getting cocky....

...but I feel great. Every time I want a soda I drink water, and then more water. Still the only negative side effect I am “suffering” is that my energy at the end of my work day is gone and I feel like I could fall asleep on-the-spot. Today I started a low-card diet so I could have a 2nd thing to do here. I decided that both things could be attempted at the same time becuase they both had to do with my diet and my health. Let’s see. Day #1 I am 245 lbs. I will write more about my goals in that area in the low carb diet area.

quit caffeine (read all 3 entries…)
Doing great on day 6...

...I am seeing really that my hardest part of overcoming this addiction is learning to deal with when I would habitually drink a soda. On the side effects side of this experiment, I have seem to have had a substantial loss in appeitite. I can eat about a third of what I did just last week. Also, I get extremely tired at the end of my work day. My muscles get sore and I can barely keep my eyes open. I know that will get better but it really is scarey because I drive 35 minutes home from work and would hate to fall asleep while going 70+ MPH on the freeway…. I am very happy with how all has turned out so far. I really hope to continue to see positive changes in the next few weeks.

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