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master cleanse (read all 13 entries…)
Day thirteen

Well today is my orange juice day!! yesterday was my last day of the mc 12 days not bad for my first cleanse. I wanted to go longer but i am going away on fri so i wanted to make sure I was in check with foods for the trip. When I took my first sip of the oj my mouth went ahhhhhhhh something different it was actually kinda refreshing. I just got back from the food store and bought all organic veggie soups and stuff as well as an organic granola ceral and rice milk to have with it in a couple of days. Well good luck to everyone I’ll still keep posting my progress every once in a while.

master cleanse (read all 13 entries…)
Day twelve

Well I decided to weigh in today to see how things were going and I have lost 15 pounds since Aug 2nd when I started the cleanse. I even stepped on and off the scale three times to make sure it was true. I had to do some clothes shopping today cause all my clothes are getting to big I am so excited. My goal was to lose 25lbs by the 8/31 if i keep going at this rate I will pass that goal this week. My skin is so clear. The oly weird thing has been my dreams lately. They are so odd and vivid. Time to catch some zzzz’s.

master cleanse (read all 13 entries…)
day eleven

Well today when I woke up I realized my rash was gone and thats not all that was gone. I finally lost my double chin !!!!! My face is so much thinner now I can’t stop glanceing in mirror’s as I pass them. Since the gym I go to is closed on Sundays I had to be creative about getting a workout in. I ran out of lemons so I mapquested directions to the food store and saw that from my house to the grocery store it would anly be 6 miles round trip. So I put on some comfy sneakers and off I went. It really wasn’t that bad. The only thing I have to complain about was the heat. Of corse the day I decide to walk to the store it’s 95 out. But the point of it was I did it! Hills and all. I feel so accomplished. Tuesday is going to be my last day becuse my trip from work went from leaving on Mon to leaving this fri. I’m a little bummed but I want to make sure I can eat solids before I go away. So wed will be orange juice day thurs veggie soup broth and fri veggie soup with actually veggies then salads and fruit while i’am away. I decided since I have gone this long without meat I might as not eat meat anymore. I am thinking about going Vegan but I will do that slowly. Well it’s time for some more lemonade.

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