"Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Ben Franklin

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  1. 1. Do what I can with what I have.
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  2. 2. find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year
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  3. 3. marry the man I love
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  4. 4. turn my office into a usable work space, instead of a storage unit
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  5. 5. stop listening to news/talk radio
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  6. 6. figure out how to manage my money so that I don't end up penniless in my old age
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  7. 7. Put my money where my mouth is
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  8. 8. have nothing in my house that I do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful
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  9. 9. rock some three-day weekend adventures
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  10. 10. Be a tourist in my own town (visit 20 sites I have never been to before)
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  11. 11. travel the world
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  12. 12. NEVER have children
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  13. 13. Donate blood 10 times
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  14. 14. create 12 monthly resolutions/major projects/goals
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  15. 15. Someday I'd like to...
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  16. 16. complete "wreck this journal"
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  17. 17. finish saving for my half of the wedding and honeymoon
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  18. 18. get another tattoo
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  19. 19. Try 43 different combinations to flavor my oatmeal (so I don't get too bored with eating it)
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  20. 20. lose 25 pounds
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  21. 21. post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :)
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  22. 22. make 2014 my last year with the church
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  23. 23. pay off the goddamn credit card
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  24. 24. ┌───────── run ─────────┐
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  25. 25. run a half marathon
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  26. 26. run a marathon
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  27. 27. keep track of my mileage activity
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How I did it
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It made me

How to float in a sensory deprivation tank
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It made me

How to appreciate the Man, every single day
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Recent entries
find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year (read all 47 entries…)

1) Got a run in today. Holy crap I am running a half marathon in two weeks aaaaaaagh

2) Getting up earlier than normal, getting to work earlier than normal, and then taking a nap once I got there.

3) Classical music in the car during today’s commute, and also during my prep period today to keep me from wanting to kill things.

4) Packing my lunch.

5) Yesterday’s centerpiece still making our table look pretty.

6) I got my GPS watch in the mail today! Now to figure out how to use it…

7) Leaving work at a reasonable hour, making it home in a reasonable amount of time, and spending time with the Man this evening.

find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year (read all 47 entries…)

1) Hosting Easter dinner at our place was a success! Got to see the family, and the food was actually pretty easy.

2) The Man helped out so much with hosting dinner, and he decided to forgo his own plans to be part of mine. Bless.

3) Easter is finally over.

4) Doing small things to feel like I have some semblance of control over my life. First experiment in happiness for next week: no talk/news radio in the car, to be replaced with the classical music station.

make 2014 my last year with the church
I really need to make this goal a priority.

My spring break was this past week. For those of you who follow the liturgical calendar, you know that it was also Holy Week, which for the Catholic church involves a lot of extra masses – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil (which is three freaking hours long) and then three Easter Sunday masses.

Stab stab stab.

Out of 9 days of “break,” I had 4 days where I didn’t work. Some of those were gigs that I chose to take, and I enjoyed them because I got to see colleagues and hear some good singing. The other stuff was required for the church. And I have just been angry and resentful of freaking Easter all week, especially today, because I feel like this damn job is robbing me of my life. It eats up my weekend (when I have to go to mass every Sunday morning and then go back to mass Sunday evening, I spend most of the middle of the day dreading returning to work). And every year they fuck me on my taxes too, so that I end up owing hundreds of dollars to the state.

And I feel like I’m stuck in this stupid gig, because the Man still can’t find a job. I want out so badly, but I don’t know where that extra $7K per year is going to come from. This idiot job is the reason it’s not a crisis when the car needs a couple hundred dollars’ worth of work, or when the Man gets a ticket, or I end up having to pay for something for the students and then wait around a month and a half to get reimbursed.

I am angry and tired and frustrated and a lot of other things, and part of me wishes I still lived by myself so that I could live closer to where I work and not have to spend money on shit that isn’t my fault or my problem.

Plan: start socking away every frigging penny I make from this gig and my real job, so that when Christmas 2014 is done, I can walk out of there and never, ever, ever have to come back.

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