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  1. 1. make more eye contact
    272 people
  2. 2. go to mass
    12 people
  3. 3. have a valentine
    30 people
  4. 4. meet Julie Andrews.
    28 people
  5. 5. meet Jane Seymour
    1 person
  6. 6. run a 5k
    2,779 people
  7. 7. go to a Lutheran church
    1 person
  8. 8. Go to a Methodist Church
    1 person
  9. 9. Get to my goal weight
    155 people
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meet Roma Downey

I got to meet Roma at John Dye’s memorial service this year. She was so precious and beautiful! I got pictures AND a hug AND she told me “God bless you.” :) Best day ever.

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Attending musicals is a pretty frequent thing for me now (when I have time time and money, of course), and I hope it will always be a part of my life.

become fluent in spanish

My fourth semester of Spanish in college didn’t go as well as planned. I made it through, but the course didn’t have what I needed to actually learn the stuff. I do know a good bit of Spanish when it comes to reading the language, but I’ll put this goal on the backburner for awhile. Maybe some day I’ll pick it up again.

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