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lose ten pounds
I Lost Ten Pounds

Like most girls, I gained weight my freshman year of college and I promised myself that I would lose that weight before I graduated. But I didn’t want my weight fluctuating up and down based on whether or not I could make it to the gym each month.

My friends started going to the track but we all run at different speeds. I took a Water Aerobics class which helped but I don’t have time to wash chlorine out of my hair and clothes in the middle of the day. But what really helped me lose weight was when I ran out of money.

I was forced to stop eating fast food. I started cooking the food that my mom mailed in her Care Packages. I had two weeks of black beans, brown rice, tuna, chunked chicken, and various vegetables. At the end of that time, I went home to Texas ten pounds lighter. So now I limit my fast food and I’m taking a Tae Kwon Do Class. I haven’t weighed myself since this summer but I am significantly more flexible and strong.

make a website
Jesus Saves

I’ve always wanted to start my own business so I’ve wanted a website for a while. I bought the website name at the County Clerk’s Office but I still have to buy the domain name online and I dont know how to do my own website so I asked my friend but he’s charging so I must wait until later this summer when I have a job. He doesn’t know everything about making websites, only enough to have made his own. I met a guy on the bus that looked like “White Jesus” and he said that he went to school for it but I doubt he’s less expensive than my friend so I’ll let my friend get me as far as he can. Then, I’m calling Mr. Jesus-look-alike aka Zack. Lol

Learn fluent French
Learning French

I took a French class in eighth grade. I took it again in 11th grade at a community college so I could graduate without taking Spanish. First I lost fluency with writing, then speaking, then reading. I’m an Architecture student so it will probably be a while before I find the time but most of all, I want to be able to pronunciate in French.


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