Dein platz erzatzt keiner nie .

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 3 entries…)
''always be with somebody that loves you more than you love him''

i guess i love my boyfriend more than he loves me :/ this is so Bad.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 3 entries…)
Oh life is so strange

today i’ve worn this old perfume that i used to wear earlier.. it’s crazy how it made me go back in the past, and feel sad, because things are not how they used to be then…

finish this exercises that i got today :S

i’ve got to write one essay about Robinson course, and one about Gulliver’s travels :( i cant do them, just too tired :(((

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 3 entries…)
tried to do something different, something better, but failed

today, i tried a different makeup, and i loved it, but then realized it was too much, but it was too late :P

identify 100 things that make me happy.

today i identified something that made me happy !
i spent all my day helping my father in his work, and then together with him and with my sister we went listening some music!! it really made my day.

really Miss the times when i was just a little kid, and had this kind of days more often …

1 – So number one is :Helping my loved ones :)

watch the world cup in 2014

the world cup in football always makes me happy :) watching all the games with my family is so much Fun :)

Cant wait to see netheralnds !!! :)

made my mother proud
miss my mom

my dearest mom passed away when i was 15.. from then, untill now, ive lived every single moment thinking about her.. her absence always made my life incomplete..i still miss her a lot..i miss her face her vocie..i miss seeing her laugh.. i just hope that she`s is proud of me.. and that i will make her proud.. whenever she is…

ride an elephant

It Seems Likee Funn:D…I wanna Do iit!:D

speak french
Speak French

Bcooz French Is Soo Seexxyy:D

Kiss in the rain

I Would Love to kiss the Love Of My Life in the raiin:)
Its So romantic …:) Hope I`ll Do iitt :)♥

get over him
Get Over him

I just wanna get over him..he doesnt Deserve My love at all ….



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