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  1. 1. Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful.
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  2. 2. paint more
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  3. 3. learn yoga
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  4. 4. make jewelry
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  5. 5. hold an art exhibition
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  6. 6. lose six kilos
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  7. 7. learn to play harmonica
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  8. 8. live sustainably
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  9. 9. learn bachata
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  10. 10. find a new job
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  11. 11. Master long distance ice skating
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  12. 12. be outside more
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paint more (read all 2 entries…)
Birthday surprise

Necessity is the mother of invention..

Over the summer I had a couple of friends that made it to big round birthdays. And that calls for something special right? And buying ‘stuff’ seems so blasé..

So… it was out with the watercolours to brush up a little inspiration. And then out to buy frames… everything looks better when you frame it.

Two happy friends, one happy artist. :-)

lose six kilos (read all 2 entries…)
Less is more

In the spring I read ‘Matrevolutionen’ – basically a book (in Swedish) advocating a change to a low carbohydrate diet. Carbs raise blood sugar and insulin levels. Insulin encourages the body to store fat…. So cutting carbs means the body has an easier time of letting go those extra kilos.

Atkins diet and Gi work on the same basic principle. So before the summer I switched to avoid/cut down on bread, rice, sugar and potatoes. Not a diet but just a change of habit. Now I’ve pulled in a notch on my belt and am buying jeans in a size I’ve not seen for a decade. I’ve still no idea what weight I am though ;-)

learn to play harmonica
Slow progress

..but progress is progress, right?

Over Christmas I bought a couple of books to give me more inspiration – though they’ve hardly been open since – But I am finding time for practice now and then. I get the principles, it’s just getting my repertoire sorted. I don’t read music – not fluently at least, so I’m mostly playing by ear.

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