I'm doing 20 things

Something2Remember's Life List

  1. 1. learn how to drive stick shift
    120 people
  2. 2. learn italian
    6,582 people
  3. 3. Visit Italy
    2,611 people
  4. 4. travel the world
    21,164 people
  5. 5. play strip poker
    1,461 people
  6. 6. tone my thighs
    54 people
  7. 7. study abroad
    2,528 people
  8. 8. always live and work in environments that allow me to be silly and unpredictable
    37 people
  9. 9. swim with dolphins
    8,299 people
  10. 10. graduate from college
    6,154 people
  11. 11. learn to identify the constellations
    87 people
  12. 12. dance whenever the mood strikes me and not care that people are there
    18 people
  13. 13. Go scuba diving
    1,895 people
  14. 14. go to the Galapagos Islands
    88 people
  15. 15. get a brazilian bikini wax
    282 people
  16. 16. wink & smile at a really cute guy
    3 people
  17. 17. do a pull up
    112 people
  18. 18. have more money
    304 people
  19. 19. Be part of a Boggle tournament.
    2 people
  20. 20. Get a Photo Book Published
    1 person
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exhibit my photographs in a public place

my pics have been at several libraries, art magazines, and eastern and citizens banks!

Give up chocolate for Lent

I swear to god im addicted to chocolate. i eat mass quantities per day.

last year i went all out for lent and gave up chocolate for long a 40 days and long 40 nights.

This year i’m doing it too, except i’m allowing myself the “sunday rule” in which youre allowed to break lent on sundays. Its easier this way (considering the local ice cream place just opened up and i recieved all of my 6 boxes of girlscout cookies) but its still difficult nonetheless. i’ve probably missed out on over 50 pound of chocolate this year because of lent. (not counting last year)

i daydream in chocolate. does anyone else constantly think about eating choclate and crave it incessantly??

Kiss in the rain

It actually happened in the snow, but i figured that counted, too. it was our first kiss together on our first date and i (regretfully) pulled away at first. It was romantic because he caught me off gaurd on our walk from the resaurant to my car.

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