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  1. 1. bike everywhere
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  2. 2. Buy a Telescope
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  3. 3. blog more often
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  4. 4. read every book I own
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  5. 5. switch to the paleo diet
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  6. 6. see the northern lights
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  7. 7. ride my bike more
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  8. 8. Feel Proud of Myself
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  9. 9. Quit Smoking
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  10. 10. learn Swedish
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  11. 11. eat healthier
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How I did it
How to become a better chess player
It took me
4 years
It made me

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eat healthier
learning to eat healthier

This is something I’ve been trying to do. More than half the work is figuring out what eating healthier means for you, what’s in foods, and how they make you feel, better or worse. Once you know that, it’s easy to cut out some of the worse items such as cookies made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. (That’s transfat, artificially modified fat. Even if it says 0 grams transfat per serving on the label, that just means less than .5 grams per serving, and a “serving” means one or two cookies.)

Quit Smoking (read all 3 entries…)
trying again

I tried quitting and only lasted a day a bunch of times last year. Now I’m trying along with trying to eat low carb, because the more sugar, wheat, and chocolate I ate, the harder it seemed to quit, like they’re addictions that go together. I feel different already with very low carbs for 24 hours, and that seemed to make smoking not feel the same, so I just ran out and didn’t buy more. It’s experimental, but it’s worth a try to help quit smoking, even if it turns out to be just a gimmick.

learn Swedish (read all 3 entries…)
encouragement I found

Check out this Norwegian extreme sports festival page: Extremsportveko

The soundtrack is the song Du vill så du kan by Svenska Akadamien (Look under MEDIA at their site for a free mp3 of the song.) Swedish lyrics

I say, “You can if you will. You will, so you can!”

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