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live instead of merely existing

My life is an extremly boring movie, with no plot, next to no charactors and very little action in between the beginning and the credits, i want an exciting movie

write a novel
I will actually achieve something and write a novel

So my life basically consists of writing, sleeping and smoking,
I have a part time job of course, and i feel so free and creative while writing, I can create a world out of nothing.
So my days are spent at work for 5 hours in the evening, and staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning (every night) writing.
This better take me somewhere.

get a job
Bout time I get a feakin job

Im 16 and left school a year ago, i did a course and worked for a while, lots of money, met great people but other things were getting in the way, and I quit.
This was a month ago and it hasnt been that easy to find another job, well i have a part time job but that aint enough to get my dad off my back who gives me shit every day and it really hurts my feelings.
AND then ill have the money to put into achieving my other goals.

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