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How to bake more often
It took me
6 months
It made me

How to get a anti allergy cat
It took me
9 years
It made me
whoo hoo

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eat more apricots–i just realized how tasty

Am still doing this but have chosen apricots over raspberries for desserts YUM!

travel somewhere new every year
Forks and LaPush Washington

I had never made it to the West Coast Ocean proper in all my time growing up in Seattle. It was gorgeous and its a rainforest that required a Ferry and the hood canal bridge!

So worth it, just wish we had eaten better food but small towns don’t seem to have it.

read a minimum of 25 books in 2010 : 14.5 down 10 to go
I did it!

I had to include the Pokey Little Puppy to achieve it but I did it. Think I will go for the same for 2011.

Any suggestions?

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