lose 5 kg (read all 4 entries…)

So annoyed, its so hard to drop those last few kilos…I am not giving up, eating less carbs should help, but I haven’t been doing so great, I feel positive that one day I’ll be down to my ideal weight. I’ve already lost 11kg, and I though that was impossible.
I guess its getting harder because I keep changing my goal.
But never-mind. I hope to be my ideal weight by october. Fingers Crossed.

go to France

I’ve looked at the contiki tours recently. They look like fun.
I think I would like to do one. That’ll be awesome

lose 5 kg (read all 4 entries…)

so i’ve been trying hard to get back on the diet I seem to have lost 2kg….what a suprise!! I ate alot of crap yesterday, however it is motivational for me to keep going. 3kg to go.

Must be good today…Losing 2kg has been amazing for me, I know its not very much but it is very motivational for me, it doesn’t feel so far away now. I can’t wait!!

buy more lingerie
I have no ligerie

I am going shopping on tuesday, hope to come home with some sexy stuff then! yay!

buy more clothes

I’m going shopping on tuesday!!! Yay can’t wait :D

lose 10 kg (read all 2 entries…)

About 6kg to go.

Stupid holidays ruined everything, I am finding it difficult to stick to induction of the the atkins diet, but what the hell. If I wanna be slimmer I have to do it its how I lost the last 6kg. Who cares about the boring food? Nothing wrong with coleslaw and meat..

I’ll do it again, colesaw and meat for lunch, a atkins bar for smoko and plently of water, It really helped me lose weight before the holidays

I neeeed to do this. If I wanna be happy and healthy again.

Wish me luck :D

lose 5 kg (read all 4 entries…)
Christmas & New years...

Doesn’t half make it diffulcult to lose weight, I feel like I’ve GAINED 5kg, not lost, lol, well by the time next xmas comes around I should be at my ideal weight!!

Going back on the diet today!!

lose 5 kg (read all 4 entries…)
I've lost 8kg

I have 4-5kg to go before I am at a healthy weight…

went off track of my diet yesterday and the day before (stupid party!!) and I have been too afraid to weigh myself, but you know, I’ve lost 8kg, only 4kg to go! Really, should be easy.

I figure if I keep my reward in mind I should get there.
My reward is to go clothe shopping when Im down to a good size…
Can’t wait, just have to lose the weight and save the money :-)

lose weight
Lost 8kg

I’m on the Atkins diet….
HIGHLY recomend, and Im not getting paid for it or anything, its awesome.

I was 80kg and now I am 72.7kg…
Not long now before I reach my goal :)

lose 10 kg (read all 2 entries…)
HATE being fat!!

I am 10kgs too fat, Imagine in 3 months I could be skinny again, I’m a young single woman but…fat
I hate this and I want to change…

Exersize at LEAST 30 mins a day
Eat less… I always over eat…especially if theres sweet food around.

Create a life plan
It will be exciting if I finally do any of these things now that I'm 18

I want to do these things In this order (hopefully lol)

  • Get my license
  • Go to ploytec next year
  • The following year I should start Intro In journolism
  • Hopefully find a job so I can save money to:
  • Travel, England and France also Italy and Greece.
  • Come home again to start university…
  • We’ll see what happens after that…
In my dreams at this age lol…
  • Hope a nice man will come with me on my travels..
  • Hope that nice man will marry me.
  • Hope that nice man will be the father of my children :)

complete project 365
32 days so far

have a look:

Loving this, I am not doing much this year so it is very easy for me!



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