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  1. 1. be a college graduate
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  2. 2. to be a model
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  3. 3. be a singer
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  4. 4. learn how to cook
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  5. 5. Fall in love
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  6. 6. I wanna know who A is, in Pretty Little Liars :)
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  7. 7. I want to clean my study table.
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Recent entries
to graduate from high school

Finally! I just graduated from high school. And I am very proud to say that I graduated with flying colors. I am really happy and I can’t hide it! :D

be a singer
I really want to be a singer

Every time I close my eyes, I always imagine myself as a member of Glee club and I am performing in front of them.
But every time I open up my eyes, I always realize how my voice sucks. :(

Fall in love

I never been in love. My friends told me that when you’re in love it feels like you are in heaven. So, just wondering what is the feeling when in love.

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