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  1. 1. Start a pack
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  2. 2. meet other therians
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  3. 3. find a mate
    70 people
  4. 4. find a werewolf mate
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    118 people
  5. 5. werewolves
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    54 people
  6. 6. become a werewolf
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  7. 7. Midnight Howls Wolf Pack
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Midnight Howls Wolf Pack
i would like to join

Hi. My name is Aaku, I’m 15, and a female. I would like to join and be delta female if that is okay.

become a werewolf
wolf shifters

are there any wolf shifters willing to join a pack? i just started one and it’s needs members. anyone interested? (you have to be 13+)

to become a (were)wolf

first of all. it’s not technically called being a werewolf. instead, it’s more of a wolf shifter or wolf therian. although, all the terms mean the same. anyways, in order to become one, you have to learn m-shifting and p-shifting. m-shifting if where you shift your human mind into a wolf’s mind. p-shifting is when you shift you’re entire body into a wolf. this stuff is real, too. i’ve actually done it. if you need more info, or help, you can join my online pack which is specifically for wolf shifters. you have to be 13 + though. here’s the link:


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