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  1. 1. Become a Personal Trainer
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  2. 2. Save $5000
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  3. 3. Do a full push up
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  4. 4. be more flexible
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  5. 5. Become Financially Independent
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  6. 6. get rid of my belly
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  7. 7. exercise daily
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  8. 8. write a letter to my future self
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get a job

I need to get a job. I need to save money and to get money i have to work for it so I need a job.

Almost There

I have two more classes to take and then i’ll get my diploma. I’m so excited. I start school on Thursday. I’m actually excited to go to school because i know i’m so close. I cant wait to graduate. And after all thats been going on Graduating will be so wonderful. I cant wait. I got to remember to focus and not let anybody keep me from doing what i need to do this time.

make a collage
I did it!

I love the collage i made it was pretty too bad i don’t have pictures of it. It was made with the most random things i could find. Yaaay for randomness.

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