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Attend an Anberlin concert
Got my tickets!!

The band’s upcoming concert stop in my city beautifully coincides with my spring break. Should be great! Thankful to God! :D

Rock climb regularly
Schedule it in

I’ll need to check my gym’s rock wall schedule and add it to my weekly schedule.

Learn to play the drums

There’s a independent coffee shop up the street from me which has a stage for music performances. It might not be possible, but I’d like to ask and see if the owner or anyone he knows would be willing to give me lessons on the drums. Maybe for a small compensation (as much as a college student could realistically afford to give). Since the shop doesn’t get a ton of traffic, I think there’d be enough down time to have mini-lessons, if someone is willing. Then I’ll compensate the person for real if I end up becoming a rock star someday.


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