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  1. 1. remember not to take life too seriously
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  2. 2. Skydive
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  3. 3. stop being afraid
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  4. 4. help preserve nature
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  5. 5. be at peace
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be at peace

I have a hard time forgiving people, especially myself. I’m really hard on myself, and never give myself credit for the things I do have and do well in. I just can’t seem to forgive and forget. And I’m running out of time.

help preserve nature
Hug a Tree don't cut them down!

It saddens me to see such great, majestic trees be cut down. We all need to do our part to help[. For we all live in this world, it is all our home. We do you insist on trashing it.

stop being afraid
judgement and critiquing

I’m always afraid to put myself out there. I’m scared to find out what people think about me. I can always feel eyes on me. And then I’ll be quick to change whatever flaw I find. I’m kind of ashamed of who I am.


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