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  1. 1. Lose 20 pounds
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  2. 2. meet new friends
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  3. 3. ride the ring of fire
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  4. 4. go zip-lining
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  5. 5. dream lucidly
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Lose 20 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
Uh Oh...

I haven’t been keeping track of my weight… so I need help! Nothing that I know of has changed, can anyone tell me any way to help me lose weight? Nothing unhealthy for my body, I’m 13 years old and weigh about 155 pounds…

dream lucidly

I’ve been watching videos of how… apparently I have to visualize chalkboards? Wow, this is going to be tough… Wish me luck! So far I’ve been in a half dream where I’ve heard stuff from the real world but been in a dream, and I’ve dreamt something that, when I wake up, I actually did in real life as I did in the dream… don’t think those are lucid but I’m getting closer!

meet new friends

I live in Wausau, WI, so the worldwide kayaking championships are here… that means friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!! I’ve talked to a Slovakian and Brit so far(: I’ve gone twice, and if I go tomorrow and get a pic with someone then BOOM- accomplished!

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