get an ipod
Ipod video

Me and my bro love apple, we got a Shuffle for use at the gym or on trips and an Ipod Video to chill out. I really reccommend that you check out the Ipod Video. I myself have got a 30gig one. It fuckin rocks.. videos, pics,..and more music than i could listen to in a lifetime!

get my driver's license
What more can i say

Freedom ro roam, anytime, anywhere you please.. or just plain be more independent. I pith my friends my age who’s parents wont let them get theirs.

Know that i drastically changed someone's life for the better
hey, thanks to you...

How good would you feel inside if someone came up to you to thank you from the bottom of their heart because u helped them and you didn’t even know it. Maybe a piece of advice, make u were just nice, maybe u scolded the person.. but it has a great after effect.. maybe u saved his/her life, stopped then from taking drugs.. maybe just steered then in the right path.. its nice to know u did good.

get it right and you'll remember it forever..


party all night

once in a while, get it our of your system! hahaahaits fun to let go sometimes.

Be the reason somebody comes online

Do u know how you go online be it yahoo msnger, or AOL or MSN or whatever hoping that someone special or somevody interesting was online!.. but only to be bummed out when they’re not.. well i want to be reason for her to hope.

Make an art piece worth something

i want to make an art pice that poeple would fight over and start a bidding war! hahaha.. somethign i could be proud of and would go up on display at a gallery.

Learn to speak chinese
Bad words dont count

i’m half chinese, half indian. and obviously the first 2 questions ppl who meet me ask are can you speak chinese or indian? unfortunately the answer is no. =( if its any consolation i DO know how to refer to your mother in a very rude wey or describe how ugly a guy was in a club or tell someone to fuck off! ahaha.. but i want MORE!, i wanna be able to have a conversation with my granma! its shames me that she knows more english than i know chinese!.. and she like came from china.

Try to understand women
Women.. cant live with them, cant live without them

What is it with women? are they all crazy or only the ones that i’ve been so unfortunate to meet? a string of miserable relationships and topped off by the most recent one that hurt me so bad that i’ve never been happier! i know right now ure rolling ure eyes thinking i’m mental hahaa… u see i was hung up on this girl for almost a year we dated for a couple of months then we broke up cozz i had to national service..(she moved on.. but i didn’t get very far), i have always been there for her to comfort her when some bastard breaks her heart, but the truth is it was killing me to see her n know that she wasn’t mine. anyway… a few times i felt like drifting away but i couldn’t bear to do that to her cozz i knew she would break down. but one day it all changed.. i found out that she cheated on me adn tried to deny it right to my face!.. finally she broke down n told me everything.. i never talked to her since. People say that finding that right person will bring you such joy… but i’ve been going tru hell for so long that i never new that LOSING one person could bring me such joy. Cozz now i can finally enjoy my single life.. =)



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