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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. feel beautiful
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  3. 3. Smack that two-timing fake-dyke in the face
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  4. 4. Fall in love
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  5. 5. live
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  6. 6. have a regular sleep pattern
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  7. 7. keep my room clean and tidy
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  8. 8. be happy with myself, by myself, for myself
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  9. 9. Stop caring what other people think of me
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  10. 10. Read Jim Clark's 50 Overlooked GLBT Fiction Authors
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  11. 11. start dating, women in my city
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  12. 12. buy a strap-on
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  13. 13. Prove a point
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  14. 14. nap
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  15. 15. get a deadjournal account
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Smack that two-timing fake-dyke in the face

My main goal at the moment, protect my honor! I was in a lesbian relationship, till I found out my partner had been two-timing me with a bloke for three months. She didn’t take very well to being dumped, stealing my phone, tagging “Fuck me hard baby cell number” at the skatepark, and going around in a group of 5 looking for so they could beat me up – didn’t work. Her and her friends are terrified of me and run away because I have a reputation that I uphold. So, I wish to smack that bitch in the face for daring to treat me like I was worth nothing.


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