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Story Verde

I finally almost m-shifted! =D

I'm doing 17 things

Story Verde's Life List

  1. 1. learn to meditate
    1 cheer
    1,849 people
  2. 2. Grow in Wicca Witchcraft and Magick
    10 entries
    27 people
  3. 3. Beat my depression
    5 entries . 3 cheers
    1,942 people
  4. 4. Go To A My Chemical Romance Concert
    426 people
  5. 5. Meet My Chemical Romance
    850 people
  6. 6. meet gerard way
    970 people
  7. 7. write a book
    4 entries . 1 cheer
    31,381 people
  8. 8. become a vegan
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    554 people
  9. 9. Join a werewolf pack
    275 people
  10. 10. Fully P-Shift
    9 people
  11. 11. Join a wolf pack
    10 people
  12. 12. become a werewolf
    12 entries . 1 cheer
    2,099 people
  13. 13. be more confident
    11,598 people
  14. 14. love myself
    2 cheers
    5,147 people
  15. 15. Care less about what people think of me
    554 people
  16. 16. become a wolf
    1 entry
    120 people
  17. 17. write more poetry
    1 entry
    956 people

How I did it
How to fall in love
It took me
2 years
It made me
Amazingly Happy

How to find someone who loves me for me
It took me
2 years
It made me
Amazingly Happy!

How to ask my crush out
It took me
1 month
It made me
VERY happy!!

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Recent entries
become a werewolf (read all 12 entries…)
Hey...again. :3

I just posted about my recent almost m-shifts, and I thought I could post the method I used to help me. I got it from my Alpha (before he abandoned our pack), he’s m-shifted and p-shifted countless times, and the meditation for the m-shift helped me a LOT so I thought I’d post it for those who are having trouble.

M-Shifting Meditation
This meditation will help M-Shifting be easier and quicker. It works for some, though not others. So when you try this meditation, be sure you are comfortable. If you feel any uncomfortable feeling, especially around the temples of your head, stop the meditation. If you are able to proceed with this meditation be sure you try do it every day with a 24-hour expansion in between. Meaning do this meditation for exactly one hour the same time every day. The best time to do this meditation is around dawn or dusk, but any time can be use as well.
Now follow these steps correctly in order to do the technique right:
1) Inhale slowly through your nose with your eyes closed. As you are inhaling, visualize in your mind, the wolf coming into you (this can be done by imagine the soul of a wolf, or a wolf life shape running towards you and entering your body, morphing with your own).
2) Hold the inhale for a count of four and let the wolf be completely in your body.
3) Now exhale slowly through your nose and visualize the wolf slowly coming out, your body becoming it. Keep exhaling till your entire being is the wolf (till your hands are it’s paws, your body it’s shape, your mind it’s mind). Feel that you are the wolf.
Repeat this meditation over and over for no more than an hour. Normally, within the first ten minutes you’ll start to feel a sort of high feeling, like you are floating. You’ll feel free and extremely happy, like you are finally your true self. This is your wolf being set free. Let this feeling continue through and focus on it. TRY NOT TO LOSE FOCUS. If you even let one thing distract you during this meditation, it will jerk you out. So try and stay as focused as you can. Also after about twenty minutes or so into the meditation, you might black out. This is your wolf being dominate and taking over your mind with it’s own. This is normal and you’ll be okay. The wolf will run it’s course till its energy runs down, then your mind will be able to take back control. When it does, you’ll feel as if you’ve just awoken from a sleep (trust me, if you do this right, you were not asleep). If done correctly and a M-Shift has occurred, you’ll be in a different spot from where you were to begin with. So trust me, there will be proof that you’ve M-Shifted.

Sorry it was so long, I copy and pasted it, I hope it helps those who need it! =)

become a werewolf (read all 12 entries…)
Hi guys...I have a question............

I haven’t posted on here in a really long time, but I was a loser anyway so I don’t think anyone will remember me. Anyway, to the point I was getting to…I wanted to know how long it takes for people to m-shift. I’ve been practicing it every night for a few days, and every time I almost completely m-shift, I go in and out of black outs. I know this is normal for some people, but I never go fully into a black out. I just go in and out of it, and at the same time my arms start twitching a little. I also feel my hands tingle and sometimes they feel like what I imagine paws would feel like. So back to the main question…how long has it taken each of you to completely m-shift? A few days? A few months? How long has a taken you to master it? =)

write more poetry
I Remember

I still remember the day as clear as yesterday,
I remember how we didn’t speak,
I remember how we became friends,
And how we were always the “in a good way” freaks.

I remember the times when we’d walk to the church field,
I remember you’d take pictures and I’d draw,
I remember when we’d show eachother our finished work,
And how we’d give one anothers opinion right there and raw.

I remember we’d swim and pretend we were creatures of the deep,
I remember when we’d venture into the woods,
I remember all the good times,
And how we lived our childhood, like everyone should.

I also remember when I moved away,
I remember we vowed to be best friends just like friends would,
I remember we both eventually move on,
And how I look back now to think of the “coulds”.

I remember I brushed it off,
Like a child with dirt,
I now know how I really feel,
Saddened by all the disgrace and hurt.

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