I'm doing 43 things

Summer2013's Life List

  1. 1. attend conference
    2 people
  2. 2. Tax Volunteering
    2 people
  3. 3. Save money
    1 cheer
    16,488 people
  4. 4. volunteer at more races
    2 people
  5. 5. volunteer for NGF, GGK or another local golf club with the development of junior and elite players
    2 people
  6. 6. learn to film and edit movies
    5 people
  7. 7. make some quality new friends
    3 people
  8. 8. spend time with loved ones
    4 people
  9. 9. Dairy farm
    2 people
  10. 10. Apply to be an orientation leader
    1 person
  11. 11. go to more concerts
    2,557 people
  12. 12. follow a schedule
    33 people
  13. 13. visit graduate schools
    2 people
  14. 14. take an art class
    405 people
  15. 15. take 150 landscape shots
    2 people
  16. 16. explore my city
    88 people
  17. 17. job shaddow a school guidance counselor at each level
    2 people
  18. 18. see a play
    68 people
  19. 19. make a video montage
    3 people
  20. 20. Grow a plant
    99 people
  21. 21. Attend a county fair in the country
    2 people
  22. 22. Do more consulting
    2 people
  23. 23. Volunteer at a hospital
    194 people
  24. 24. go to more shows
    193 people
  25. 25. Visit The Farm
    4 people
  26. 26. visit a garden
    2 people
  27. 27. volunteer at church
    23 people
  28. 28. study abroad
    1 cheer
    2,528 people
  29. 29. work for a university
    2 people
  30. 30. apply and get a paid internship
    2 people
  31. 31. take summer classes
    9 people
  32. 32. volunteer for a vet clinic
    2 people
  33. 33. take care of horse
    2 people
  34. 34. go to an art festival
    1 cheer
    4 people
  35. 35. Feed ducks at the park
    3 people
  36. 36. work in research
    1 entry
    0 people
  37. 37. work at Urban Outfitters
    6 people
  38. 38. enroll in a yoga class
    10 people
  39. 39. go to the zoo
    208 people
  40. 40. work with animals
    293 people
  41. 41. Go on a road trip
    3,817 people
  42. 42. Become a 4-H leader
    3 people
  43. 43. volunteer on an organic farm
    1 cheer
    5 people
Recent entries
work in research
Research Centers At School

Advanced Cutting Tool Technology
African Studies Center
Asian Studies Center
Bio/computational Evolution in Action CONsortium (BEACON)
Canadian Studies Center
CANR Statistical Consulting Center
Center for Advanced Study of International Development
Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA)
Center for Biomimetic Nanostructures (CBN)
Center for Community and Economic Development
Center for Comparative Epidemiology
Center for Economic Analysis
Center for Energy, Nano and Multifunctional Materials (CENaM) (Website pending)
Center for Engineering Education Research
Center for Ethics & Humanities in the Life Sciences
Center for European, Russian & Eurasian Studies
Center for Feline Health and Well-Being
Center for Gender in Global Context (WID: Women and Int Dvlp Program)
Center for Global Change & Earth Observations
Center for Humane Arts, Letters & Social Sciences (MATRIX)
Center for Integrative Toxicology
Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR)
Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA)
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Center for Mitochondrial Science and Medicine
Center for Physical Activity and Health (CPAH)
Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability
Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum
Center for the Study of Standards in Society
Center for Water Sciences
Center of Research Excellence in Complex Materials (CORE-CM)
Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute
Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC)
Education Policy Center
Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab
Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
Health and Risk Communication Center
Institute for Cyber Enabled Research
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Institute for Food Laws and Regulations
Institute for Health Care Studies
Institute for Public Policy and Social Research
Institute for Quantum Sciences
Institute for Research on Teaching & Learning (IRTL)
Institute for the Study of Youth Sports (ISYS)
Institute of International Agriculture
Institute of Public Utilities
International Business Center (CIBER)
International Neurologic and Psychiatric Epidemiology Program (INPEP)
Julian Samora Research Institute
Knight Center for Environmental Journalism
Land Policy Institute
Literacy Achievement Research Center (LARC)
Media Interface and Network Design (MIND) Lab
Michigan Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Michigan/AFRL Collaborative Center in Aeronautical Sciences
MSU Center for Orthopedic Research (MSUCOR)
MSU Center for Vaccine Development and Deployment
MSU COM Institute of International Health
MSU Institute of Water Research
National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Native American Institute
NSF Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS)
NSF I/UCRC for Multiphase Transport Phenomena
Plant Biotechnology Resource and Outreach Center
Product Center
Quantitative Fisheries Center
Quello Center for Telecommunications Management Law
Translational Neurobiology Research Unit
US-China Center for Research on Education Excellence
Writing In Digital Environments (WIDE)


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