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  1. 1. Stay true to Truth
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  2. 2. Live on a lake.
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  3. 3. never apologize for being me
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  4. 4. Visit Mahinui's treehouse B&B : )
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  5. 5. travel to every continent
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  6. 6. find balance in my life
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  7. 7. be more organized
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  8. 8. travel
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  9. 9. Take the GRE
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  10. 10. Lose 5# in 10 weeks
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  11. 11. finish my book, and publish it
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Buy a House
Buying a house

This is a tough one for these economic times. However, where there is a will there is a way.

Decide on when you want the house.
Examine your job status and financial needs.
Set a goal for saving for a down payment and devise a plan for putting any extras, bonuses, inheritances, etc into that.
Do homework re: best lending institutions and best interest.
Check if you qualify for special programs: first time buyer, GI bill, etc.
Shop for what you can afford where you want to live…
Don’t dismiss foreclosure homes. They are a boon to obtaining a home earlier than expected. No shame in buying one that is foreclosed.
Buy within your budget.

Happy House Hunting.

Learn to play the guitar
Guitar 101

There are currently 13, 495 people who would like to learn to play the guitar sometime in their lives. I have done this.

When I was 13 my girlfriends older sister played a (folk) guitar and I loved to go to her house and listen to the music.

Soon, I was asking her to ‘show me some stuff’ on the guitar. I raved about this to my parents for a year, but no luck. No guitar.

Finally, I bought myself a cheap steel string guitar and a book with chords. I taught myself how to play the guitar and began writing my own songs.

For my 15th birthday my parents bought me a brand new guitar. It was beautiful and I still have it. Boy is that instrument old now, LOL!

see the northern lights
Northern Lights

So many people would like to see the Northern Lights. I was a fortunate person who has had many opportunities while living in Alaska.

I lived in Fairbanks for three and half years. It was bitter cold in the winter (neg. 40 deg) but what an experience!

Black night skies during the day in the winter, dog sled races, skiing, Mt. Denali National Park, moose running freely through the streets, it was an amazing experience.

If you want to see the N.L. you have to go far enough up north, into Canada, or Alaska, etc. in the early spring (or winter) when the sky is still dark most of the time.

They are a phenomenon worth seeing!!!

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