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How many times can I break 'till I shatter?

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Lunar Howls Pack (read all 4 entries…)

again, the boredness drove me to the radio, and my fav. song played, so I got crazed and started taking pics :3 so I decided to share them. Feel free to make rude comments ( >_> )

I forgot only one pic was allowed XD The next is my pro. pic. :3 BTW, my crazy song is Pumped Up Kicks x3

Lunar Howls Pack (read all 4 entries…)
Untitled < o_o

Lunar Howls Pack (read all 4 entries…)

Anyone else know the feeling of having nothing to do but listen to music? x3

Lunar Howls Pack (read all 4 entries…)

Hey, peeps :3 I’m looking for a pack. I’m not a wolf.. Yet. I’m having some teach me ;) So what do ya say? Can I join here?

imvu cheats

I wanna do this

get a horse
A few tips...

Well, I’m positive you’ll love that horse for a good three weeks, then forget about it. Problem is, horses need care, loving, friends, and grooming. Don’t get a horse just to ride it. That’s stupid. You will need to do A LOT of things with this horse… Excersise it, bathe it, feed it (That includes waking up early. Horses need a schedule. They expect their breakfast and dinner at that time.) And after riding, grooming. They aren’t like dogs, they need constant attention. But if you give that attention, it will be your best friend ‘till death. Horses also cost you a fortune, I might point out.

Yes, I know all thise, as I am a horse owners myself. I trained my horse to take a saddle and for me to ride her, after the love and care. Immediately didn’t throw a saddle on her back, get mad and demand her to walk or something, and then throw her in a horse trailer two weeks later to go to a show, when the poor thing is scared to death.

meet witches
Meet Me

I’d be more than happy to meet you and talk with you all! I would also be happy to talk with other Wiccan’s and witches as well. I am a real, true witch and have helped many people here on 43Things with my spells and rituals, and now I am looking to just relax some and talk with others.

i want to become a mermaid (read all 2 entries…)

I have been watching you all and I’ve decided your top picks for becoming mermaids, which means your ready to become mermaids. I have a spell for you, but you’ll only turn when you touch water with your bracelet / necklace. Your symbol can be NOTHING below your waist! Otherwise it will break and you’ll be a mermaid forever.

“Magic spirits of the deep, give me a tail, not two feet. Beauty upon me. My necklace/bracelet is the key to my power of the sea. All magic around me have the power of sea.”

Side Effects
Itchy Legs
Legs changing color
Legs sticking together

Tell me if it works! Seriously, I would love to know if my spell works on you all.

cast a spell on someone.

Cast a spell on someone, you ask? Thats easy, for me at least. For everyone else it may take time to learn to cast spells on people. My spells you can cast on people consist of great many things. E-mail me at

)O( Blessed Be )O(

Be a Child of Nature

A Child of Nature? Oh by my child, you already are a Child of Nature. A Princess or Prince of Nature, to be exact. All of the Goddesses people are special, and are all parts of Nature. All you must do is keep the earth clean and learn to communicate with the creatures of the world, and see them threw a different realm then the one today.

become a witch (read all 4 entries…)

This goal isn’t dead, Aquamarine, just few people post here anymore. I get tons of e-mails from this everyday. If anyone wants to become a witch and needs a mentor, and a real witch with real spells, my dears, all you must do is come to me. I’m like a Mother to some people on here. E-mail me at so I can mentor you and teach you all there is to know about witchcraft and Wicca, and of course about the great Samhain, which is alittle while from now, as the moon is only a waxing crescent.

I have taught many in my witchcraft school, which is now out for the summer, and I will teach many threw this summer to become great witches. But you must give up God, if you want to be true witch.

May the Goddess bless you my dears.

)O( Blessed Be )O(

become vampire
I'll change you

I will change any of you in quick and easy in a vampire ritual with a spell. All you need are the ritual ingrediants, and your ready to change over. E-mail me at

The real witch your looking for is me, because none of my spells have failed yet, including this spell.

become a wiccan
Becoming Wiccan

To start off with, you must stop worshiping and praying to God. You must look up to the Goddess now, whom some people reffer to as “Mother Earth” or “Mother Sky” . I’m not saying you have to quit believing God is real, just stop worshiping him. Some Christians and people say Wicca is Satanism, which it clearly IS NOT. They don’t understand the Goddesses are real and were here long ago, walking the same earth we walk this very day. The devil has nothing to do with witchcraft, otherwise all people who were witches would be in Hell by now. If they were in Hell, their spirits would haunt their family members and other people, and I haven’t heard of it. We also believe there’s a place we go when we do pass called the “Summerland” , the land of eternal summer. We wait there until we are re-born into other lives, back into the world, so basically we just keep coming back into the world again and again. If you want to stay in the Summerland, I guess you have to perform a ritual or something while there, or talk to the Goddesses. Yes, the Goddesses will be in the Summerland as well.

I hope this answered some of your questions and new beliefs.

Become a cowgirl!
I am a Cowgirl!

Being a Cowgirl isn’t just about you. You have to know how to ride a horse, and ride western as well. I do all these things on my Ranch—Clean stalls, Groom Horses, Ride Horses, Make new Corrals, and much more! Its so fun being a Cowgirl! :D The Cowgirl Theme song.

make friends
Millions of friends

I have like.. A million friends and a best friend, Summer.. Why is it so hard for you all to find friends? You have to socialize, not be anti-social and sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself… Talk, interact, be creative. Joining clubs and stuff is a good way to get friends, but I get my friends the old Country-way. But its hard for me to make friends, because some people are jealous, for Gawd knows what. I have literally nothing they have.

live on a farm
I live on a Farm

I live on a farm now, and it is GREAT. But your also considered a Farmer and a Country Girl or Country Boy, which is great. We’re cool, awesome,and not afraid to get dirty even in our best dresses and tuxedo’s. But when your a country person, its settin’ your clock to five o’ clock, feedin’ the animals, and gettin’ ready for the day to start on the farm. Its really fun if your raised on a Farm, like me. But let me tell you, hunnys, NO city slicker from the City can come live on a Farm.. You have to grow into it. And you can’t get attacked to your livestock animals your planning on selling, like cows, sheep, goats, pigs, ect. for butchering. Otherwise its too hard to let go. I recommend you don’t keep cows and pigs for their whole life, because they get a little demanding and vicious, and they WILL, I repeat WILL kill you. So its kill the cow, or the cow kills you. Especially steers. Us country folks, we drive trucks and tractors and hunt. I’m proud to say I hunt, am getting a truck when I start driving, and know how to drive a tractor. I own a whole farm, and if you want some pictures of the farm animals, e-mail me.

ALERT: When I start taking pics, the pastures and stuff won’t look pretty. Nothings pretty on a farm in the winter time. Its in the summer time when the fun starts going.

Become a vampire hunter
Become a vampire hunter

I suppose you’ll start hunting witches next, huh? Half of the vampires DON’T hunt and kill humans. They only do what their supposed to know. Underworld people(Vampires, Werewolves, Witches..) don’t want to take over the human world, their just doing what they need to do. They don’t torture humans before they kill them, just a quick, clean death. Underworld people, such as me, are clean people, under a secret World and part of a secret World, but don’t you think we have feelings? We aren’t as cold as you think we are, and sometimes I, and the Underworld, thinks half of you are jealous you AREN’T one of us. I carry witch AND vampire blood, though only a hint of vampire blood. I do not drink blood, so don’t bother hunting ME. I’m not even sure you’d live through hunting me. I am a witch who knows lots of spells to hurt, torture, and kill quickly.
Please stop trying to kill vampires please. They are only doing what they need to do. Yes, I am SUPPOSED to take up for my people, because they are people with feelings, like you. Not the way Twilight makes them look.

Thanks for your time,

go to a magic school

Hi! Come on in and take a tour, and maybe become a student here at my Academy. We teach all sorts of magic.

become a mermaid with my friend
Real Mermaid Spell

You want a REAL mermaid spell from me? It has worked on my friend and I promise you it will work, too. You have to wait, but it is SO worth the time waiting.
E-mail me if you want the spell.

May the Goddess bless you all!

Become a better Witch
Check out my website

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