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Learn to say no
Learn to say no.

Learning to say no is not being selfish. It is about one’s morals and ethics. If people don’t like the way i am, then that’s their problem. This is my life, i only live once and i should never do anything that is against my will.

talk less, listen more
talk less, listen more.

My mom taught me from young to speak only when spoken to. Growing up, i did not heed her advice and i pretty much got myself into a lot of trouble by shooting my mouth off too often and not listening to what people have to say. Age does a lot to one’s temperament and character. My mom was right, and she will always be.

help sexually abused kids.
help sexually abused kids.

I want to guide kids who have been sexually abused and assure them that whatever happened to them was never ever their fault. I want to help them gain confidence and courage to live their lives positively and put the past behind them. Children are innocent and a single perverse act of an adult can irreversibly ruin the life of a child.


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