now working at a wonderful retirement community!

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How I did it
How to weigh 145 lbs
It took me
6 months
It made me

How to tutor reading to 4th Graders!
It took me
8 months
It made me
Very Happy!

How to write a book and have it published
It took me
30 years
It made me
I'm really excited!

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Teach others how to achieve their dreams
I just want you to GET IT...

One of the things that keeps coming to mind for me is my ability to help other people. I see so many people struggling to make their dreams come true, and I can see that they are sincere. It is my intention to find ways to help others see that they CAN make all their dreams come true. I want to do this through my writing, my art, my counseling, and through public speaking. I feel like everything in my life has led me to be able to do this.

Apply to the Master of Arts in Transformative Arts program at JFKU
Applied & Was Accepted!

I’ve started a new job at a retirement community~~ I’m not sure how this impacts this goal, but there’s loads of potential for cross-over!

Creativity, inspiring others to self-expression, and community-building have been a few of the most appealing elements of the MA program in Transformative Arts. It’s possible that I can achieve those goals where I’m at & bypass the tuition & time it takes to complete a masters degree…

Still on my list, but I’m willing to compromise a bit…

follow my bliss
I have to do this...

This is what all my other things are about. I just want to follow my bliss and take as many people on that journey with me as I can. I want my bliss to inspire other people to follow theirs. I can’t even describe what I see when I contemplate this one…

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