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write a hit song
One of my many dreams

Okay this is one of my dreams.To write a hit song my idol would sing.My idol is Toby Keith and im very sure that you all have heard of him somehow.I have actually written many songs but none are much good and none would toby sing.So for now i keep working on it as much as I can.

don't be afraid to be myself

i have always found it difficult to be myself.Ive always changed myself for other peoples benifit and not my own.I dont know why that is but i do it without even noticing sometimes.The last time I changed for someones benifit I got into trouble with my parents,so Ive found that I need to learn to be myself.Im only thirteen by the way.

write to a soldier in iraq

Hi everybody I joined this site hoping to be able to write to our soldiers in Iraq.I want to write to soldiers so they feel loved and needed as they are.I am only thirteen but I really like writing so hopefully i get to soon.thankyou.


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