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How to purchase a new laptop
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2 months
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How to find a really good sticker manufacturer
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3 weeks
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How to join as many social networking sites as possible
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5 days
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I get to sleep now.

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move to Panama
Get the hell out of Maine and move to Panama

Taking care of a few things before I go. Toughest thing has been trying to find a buyer for my motorcycle. Anyway, a friend has offered to help me out with computer work down there and as my wife left me for another man, I think it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge. If it doesn’t work out there, I still have jolly old England as an option. Picture is of Zane Lamprey from the “Three Sheet” episode in Panama with the real Pleepleus. Hoping to be able to go to Zanetoberfest in Chicago before I leave.

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onward and upward

Finished another book. Can hardly believe it. This time it was the irreverent Bill Bryson. I’m ecstatic as well because I will be attending his book signing in Portsmouth, NH this coming Sunday. Looking forward to spending time with other Bryson fans (which if things were fair in life, would be every other person on the planet). If anyone wants to go you can call 603-431-2100 to purchase a backstage pass.

finish my rental rebate tax form
I hope it was worth it.

I’m still waiting to find out if the government is going to shell out or not. I definitely qualified with the exorbitant price of my rental (not worth it by the way). However, if they start wanting an enormous paper trail I may have to scrap this one as there is only so much time I will throw away trying to get my own money back from the government. I’d rather get by knowing they did me no favors.

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