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  1. 1. gain 20 pounds
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  2. 2. visit Paris
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  3. 3. compose classical music
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  4. 4. wake up on time
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  5. 5. go to bed early
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  6. 6. stop procrastinating
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  7. 7. visit japan
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  8. 8. Be like Mike
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stop procrastinating
Do you start with the easy stuff or the hard stuff?

Sometimes I tell myself, “Do the easy stuff first just to get working.” Other times, “Do the hard stuff first to get it out of the way!” Which has worked better for you? (Or both, or neither?)


eat less chocolate
Eat GOOD chocolate and you'll naturally eat less

THe key is to eat GOOD chocolate. The really rich stuff, like Valhrona. 2 oz. of that is enough for me. It’s the junky chocolate that encourages eating half a pound at a time.

gain 20 pounds
Packing it on

I believe that weight gain is more about consistency than about expensive supplements or (God forbid) steroids!


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