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How to get my naval pierced
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1 day
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Feel more sexy

How to sing in the rain
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15 years
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How to learn to enjoy sushi
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24 years
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Inventory my house

I went through Rick, & my DVDs & made a list of all the ones we have.. That’s a start! ;)

get out of debt
Got back Taxes

We got our Taxes back.. We play to pay off some of our Debt very soon! :D Yay!!

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Ride a Roller Coaster In The Rain

3. Ride a Roller Coaster In The Rain: 5/24/09; Ricky & I were at Worlds Of Fun. We were about to go on The Prowler, & they had to do their check up on it. So we had to wait at bit (wasn’t so bad, there was a fun guy working there). By the time it started back up it was lightly raining, & it was our turn to go on the coaster! I must say It hurt! Haha.. Felt like little daggers on our faces. Also couldn’t keep our eyes open, since it hurt so much. Must say it wasn’t as cool as it seemed like it would be. Thank goodness we didn’t go on one of the faster coasters though! ;)

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