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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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Mrs. Saad's Life List

  1. 1. pray everyday
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  2. 2. take 43 photos of people
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  3. 3. Practice Gratitude
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  4. 4. inspire someone
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  5. 5. Read more books
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  6. 6. cook 43 new recipes
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  7. 7. healthy sleeping pattern
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  8. 8. Give 1000 cheers
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  9. 9. make more money
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  10. 10. feel beautiful
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How I did it
How to learn to cook
It took me
6 months
It made me
super happy

Recent entries
cook 43 new recipes

Cooking is like love….I really enjoy trying new recipes without being restricted to one cuisine! We should try each & every cuisine as there is so much to taste in the word.

If u r fond of food, you can check out my blog :)

Visit France
France - Beautiful & Romantic

France is beautiful more than words can say! Romance is in its air! Full of fashionable people. Delicious food.

We were told that people don’t interact with tourists but our experience was totally different. Everyone was so helpful. If u greet them with a smile they listen and help you. In fact, a few times we didn’t ask for help but still when they saw us struggling with the french directions they came ahead themselves. We love that!!

I recommend everyone should visit France at least once in their lifetime :)

writing my first book, almost half of it. Its a fiction but inspired by some real incidents happened to a few people.
My First Book

I have completed writing my first book/ novel as I wanted. I am very very excited to share it with the world. I think I have put in my all effort to make it a real master piece. I hope people will like it once its published. Publishing is a second but a Big and Difficult step which I am going to take!

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