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"Whisper Words of Wisdom, Let It Be." <3

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Homeschool/Unschool my son, and be the best possible kick-ass teacher that I can be for him! \ ( ^.^ ) / (read all 5 entries…)
Standardized Testing...blah.

The California Achievement Test (C.A.T.)

I have been putting this off and putting this off for long enough now! My son is really in no mood to be taking a state test, but ah well. We’ll just do it and get it done little-by-little, and hopefully be done soon. I don’t even think there is a specific time I have to be done by…and if there is, I don’t know it, and it’s not in the paperwork I received from the company.

I think I will start with the super easy ones with him tomorrow: spelling and some math. I need to quit overthinking this so much and letting the stress and anxiety get to both of us; he has been freaking out over it since I got the dang packet in the mail.

I will do one or two tomorrow (well, actually, technically it is today now, at 2AM), and I can also count any time on his tests as school work for the day, so that’s nice. :)

Attend full-time classes at massage therapy school and graduate March 2014! (read all 11 entries…)
Questions, questions...

I keep writing down questions that I want to keep track of for when I go in for registration…and continually keep losing the paper, or misplacing the notebook I write them in. So, I am going to keep track here whenever something pops into mind. Beginning now:

∙ How strict is the attire policy I see in the entrance material? (It says wear comfortable black pants, shorts or skirts…but no spandex or stretchy fabrics, like “Yoga pants”...that makes no sense. How is anything else comfortable?)

∙ Will I need my laptop in class?
(My son will be home with my mom while I am at class, and will be using our only laptop for homeschool sessions).

∙ Can I use an audio recording device during lectures or other important areas where information needs to be retained well?
(I have an awful problem with remembering detailed information, especially when it all comes at me so fast during an entire day. I am hoping the way this class is set up, though, that it will make it easier for my poor brain. I need to tell them that I have many ADHD and Asperger’s symptoms that can make some things a bit more difficult, but that I won’t let them hold me back if I can get a small helping hand here and there if I need it).

∙ Do I have to buy all extra items listed in the packet? Can the total price be added to my tuition fees that I will eventually pay back over time? And, what colors, if any? And, when do they have to be in by? Do I take these home with me everyday to clean them (sheets, towels and such)?
(I am so happy that I DO NOT have to buy a two-piece swimsuit from the listed items for school (they said shorts and a tank are perfectly fine…yay! This is what makes m think the list is a bit wishy-washy if that one thing is different from the list).

∙ Can I wear my black Converse as part of my attire?
(Comfortable, black shoes are listed as part of the attire, and my black Chucks are very comfy, but have the famous white bottom part. I am hoping it’s fine.)

∙ What happens if (God forbid) I can’t make it in for a class, for some unavoidable reason? Can I make that time up? Will I be punished somehow for it?

I think that is all that’s popping out at me for the moment. I’m sure the rep I am assigned to will be in awe of how many detailed questions I come prepared with, lol. I have gotten that many times in my life when I encounter a new environment; I like to know the rules and what’s what. I do not like to just see what happens and go with it. Plus, I am usually the ONLY ONE who ever gets called out for anything against any rules and regulations. I am that black sheep in the room all the time, no matter where I go in life.

Complete the 200 Squats Training Program (read all 19 entries…)

I am excited that this is my last one, before my Final Test at the end of this week (Week 6). I was going to start Week 6, Day tonight, before I realized I hadn’t yet completed my Exhaustion Test.

In order to use Column 3 (like I have been using), I needed to complete at least 110 consecutive good-form squats. Cool, challenge accepted. My right knee has been a bit sore the past couple of days, so I was kind of happy to not be doing a full session.

I managed 120 consecutive squats, so I am good to go for Week 6, and starting in the third column.


be the best "Mother Warrior" I can be; fight for/seek out the help and resources needed to better allow my son *gifted* with Asperger's to flourish and succeed; keep strong; never give up! <3 (read all 41 entries…)
I would like to believe that...

I have raised my son well enough to understand that if he found a big chunk of money somewhere, that he would do the right thing and turn it in, in case the person who worked hard for it came to ask if it was by chance turned in.

As I was winding down just now, and enjoying the evening temps with my porch door open, I hear one of my son’s little friends outside in the apartment courtyard, excited and yelling to his buddies that he found money, and was waving it in the air. (My son is already in bed for the night, so I am not really worried about it). I figured it was a few dollars, so no biggie…good for him, whatever.

But, as I was sitting on the patio, I see a dad come over (dad to most of the little boys, but not to my son’s fried who found it). Everyone was all huddled around him, and he was talking to them. I hear my son’s friend announce where he found it (not sure how this dad came to acquire the funds), as the dad was counting it. I then hear the dad announce, “700 dollars!” Wow, there went my few dollars theory.

The dad tucked the wad in his shirt pocket and continued to talk to the boys (in Spanish, so my Latin self had no idea what they were saying). The boys got super excited as the dad told the boys to call back my son’s friend. Apparently, he is taking them all out tomorrow for a special treat. I think the boys even laid hands on the father’s shirt pocket to say a prayer.

I know how great that would be to find a wad of cash (no strings attached), but I also know someone in this complex worked very hard for that money for their family: rent, groceries, baby diapers, or medical bills…who knows. I get that it’s a tricky decision, but I would have turned it in had I found it, and I hope my son would have come o tell me, so the right ting could be done. I believe in people (as much as I am wrong most of the time), but I know there was a plan for that money and feel for the person who lost it.

I also believe in Karma.

43 words I enjoy: (read all 8 entries…)

I often chill out to a SMORGASBORD of musical talents! :)

: a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes (as hors d’oeuvres, hot and cold meats, smoked and pickled fish, cheeses, salads, and relishes)

: an often large heterogeneous mixture : mélange


Swedish smörgåsbord, from smörgås open sandwich + bord table
First Known Use: 1879

I love this term. It’s fun to say it while out and about to describe a mixture of various things, and watch everyone’s face around me turn to confusion. Lol. Great moments in public, man.

43 words I enjoy: (read all 8 entries…)

“Swoosh!” “Bang!” “Boom!” “Smack!”

: the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (as buzz, hiss)

: the use of words whose sound suggests the sense

— on·o·mato·poe·ic or on·o·mato·po·et·ic adjective

— on·o·mato·poe·i·cal·ly or on·o·mato·po·et·i·cal·ly adverb


Late Latin, from Greek onomatopoiia, from onomat-, onoma name + poiein to make
First Known Use: circa 1577

This spectacular structure of a Word was brought to my attention by a guy I was dating (he is equally fascinated by the English language). I remember talking on the phone to him after out Daily Word session as we were both making “MOOOOOO!” sounds back and forth to each other. Ah, good times. Haha! :D

Collect quotes (read all 47 entries…)
Quote #188, on Choices...

“It’s not what happens to you that’s important. It’s what you do about it.” – Anonymous

post randomly (read all 29 entries…)
Funky Business. Beware of poster.

As I was trying to get caught up on emails of comments from 43T, I passed a weird one. It has since been deleted, but I wanted to share with you in case you see this person posting again so you can flag them. I don’t know, maybe since it has been deleted on my entry, the funky business has already been taken care of by The Robots or NW. Not sure. Anyways, on one of my goals about reading a book, this was commented by a stellasambo:

Hello, I am stella, I saw your brief details and decided to write you. I want to make a good friendship. I Feel we shall make a better introduction in our next communication. contact me through my email address ( ) for more details and my pictures. I will like to know you better for more personal information, please do not write me on this site because i do not visit the site all the time..kindly reply me with ( )i am waiting. Thanks

Weird, right? Yep, definitely!

be more grateful (read all 25 entries…)
Today, I am grateful for...

Being able to go to the theater and watching Iron Man 3 with my mom and son (compliments of a family friend who gave me an AMC gift card years ago). It was the first time for all of us watching a movie in the IMAX 3D format; WOW!!! It was amazing!! There is no other way to watch this movie, in my world. It was a GREAT movie…the best of the three, indeed. Yes, indeed. I am excited to see where they take the next Iron Man. We all loved it! I could watch the entire Marvel series of movies all day. I have been hooked since the beginning.

Can’t wait to see all upcoming viewing this year!


Complete the 200 Squats Training Program (read all 19 entries…)
Week 5, Day 3:

Next time I do a challenge that uses on/off days, I will be sure to keep to it ad not do an extra day one day and mess up my schedule! Somewhere along this line, I messed up, and now when I come back from my days off to start back up again, I am starting the last day of whatever week I am on, rather than the first day (the last day, like day 3 is the hardest of the days). So, today, I am already tired, and then when I went to look at where I was…I realized I had to do way more. Owie. Lol.

I kept going anyways. Pain is good.

Week 5, Day 3 Schedule:
27 reps
27 reps
32 reps
32 reps
27 reps
27 reps
36 reps
Max (at least 67) 100

Total: 308 squats!!


Attend full-time classes at massage therapy school and graduate March 2014! (read all 11 entries…)
Winds of Change....

Well, I spent over an hour or so looking through the storage units today, in search of my GED and my mom’s taxes from last year…both of which I need for my registration at the end of this month. I searched many boxes, but couldn’t find my GED. I was about to give up, and then we finally found the box with my mom’s taxes in it. Yay! That was nice to find. I also found the box with my black work shoes in it (I am to wear black shoes as part of my class attire). But, no GED.

I called the school to ask what the fee would be for them to get a copy of it from Minnesota, and she said whatever the fee, they would take care of it…after all, they want me to attend their school, lol. I felt silly asking, as I am usually so prepared with everything I need, but this time, I am stuck. The woman I spoke with said as long as they had my documents within 2 weeks after registration all would be A-Okay. Cool.

I am all ready to hit registration and financial aid with a smile. :)

be more grateful (read all 25 entries…)
Another thing to be grateful for today!:

My son met his new friend again at IKEA this morning, and they played in the play area together. Success: My kiddo played for 90 minutes WITHOUT any problems whatsoever!!!! :) Happy dance time!!! He hasn’t been able to play in there for quite some time, but we tried for the first time last Monday, and again today, and he has done amazingly well! Hot dog, man!!

I even found out from his friend’s mom that with the member card, he gets an extra 30 minutes on top of the hour time allotted for each kidlet. How cool! Also, if you ask for a frequent visitor’s punch card, your child gets a special treat of some sort after so many visits. What’s sad is my son is almost too tall to play in there now, and he is growing through a bit of a growth spurt at the moment. UH-OH. Hopefully he can last the summer without going past their limit.

Move out of this apartment complex/Find a house to rent (read all 12 entries…)
Pre-move-out inspection?

Really? Ugh.

We got a notice on our door today that rather than just a simple inspection after we move out (like they did years ago), they now go through before you move, too. Like I need the stress of cleaning this instant.

They will be walking through my apartment this Wednesday. No fair. It’s not like my place is awful or anything, but it could definitely use some cleaning here and there before they walk through and mark off their checks that they’ll want to charge us later.

Time to kick into turbo cleaning tomorrow night! Oh boy.

be more grateful (read all 25 entries…)
Today, I am grateful...

for my mom’s great eye, as she saw a lawn mower in the front yard of a house on the way home. We stopped by, and the sign said $35.00(!!!!) The lovely Chinese couple who lived there had made the entire front yard a sight t behold. The husband is a landscaper, so he made quite the masterpiece: gardenscapes, art structures, rose bushes, succulents growing from rock; it was beautiful.

Anyways, the husband showed us that it did indeed work, as his wife allowed my son a bottle of water, because he was so hot and asked for a glass of water. They were wonderful. It took a few pulls to get the mower started, but it cut well, and for $35.00 we couldn’t really complain. As long as it lasts us the first season in the house that’s good with me.

Yay, we can finally stop hunting Craigslist for lawn mowers every day. Now, we need a couple more air conditioners.

ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM! This is so cool!! :)

Move out of this apartment complex/Find a house to rent (read all 12 entries…)
Now: Packing and Cleaning (blah)

I have moved SOOOO many times in my life, but I still dread the process (no matter how good at it I am). We have kept in contact with the landlord, and he will be back in town next weekend. Hopefully we can view he house then…before the deposit is given. I know we’re desperate for a place, but it has to be acceptable in terms of living nicely. I have no doubt that it is up to par, but need to be certain.

This doesn’t leave much time to pack up and clean. I have packed a couple of boxes, but haven’t really gone at it in a big way yet; I need to! It should be pretty easy to pack up, seeing as how most of our stuff is in three storage units here (and one still in Minnesota). We also will be moving our three storage until shortly after June 1st to avoid payment of the rent there, so we can pay rent and utilities on the house. We are planning on moving it all into the 2-car garage so we can sort through it and purge. That will be a long process, but a needed one!

I will slowly be cleaning as we go so that the last day won’t be a bunch of cleaning and moving. My mom’s employer did not give her the last days of the month off (luckily, she has the first week of June off), so we will be moving the apartment on the days she will be working nights (no bueno). I hope she can manage it! It sounds awful already.

Collect quotes (read all 47 entries…)
Quote #187, on doing the unthinkable!...

“Because of its tiny wings and heavy body, aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. But the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it flies anyway.”

- Mary Kay Ash

I have always loved this quote. It makes you believe in the possibility of things…especially if you don’t know any better. Who says theories can’t be proven wrong if you only try? I love it! Fly, bumblebee, fly!!! :)

be the best "Mother Warrior" I can be; fight for/seek out the help and resources needed to better allow my son *gifted* with Asperger's to flourish and succeed; keep strong; never give up! <3 (read all 41 entries…)
Mother's Day!!!

What a nice day we had today (me, my mom and kiddo). I love being a mommy, and I love my mom, dearly. I am so very, very grateful for everything she has done (and is doing) in my life and in my son’s life, as well. She truly is remarkable, and I couldn’t have asked for a greater human being to call my MOM! :) I got lucky…which makes my son lucky, too, right? Heehee, lol. <3 <3 <3


I can't wait for the day when I get to look at you and feel absolutely nothing anymore (read all 6 entries…)
So, after more than a month...

of not speaking/texting/messaging me, you randomly decide to send me a text with an added picture? A picture of a book, that while you were thousands of miles away, years ago, when we were together…we spent hours pouring through together? You held one copy in your hands there, and I, a copy in my hands. We used to go through the pages, find one each of us liked, and had the other search for it after being told the page number and line number.

It was such a sweet time. We were so giddy and blissful as we read through our little book of happiness on the phone together. I even marked a small sentence in he binding of my copy I had from the library (I know, bad, bad me…I have only ever done this once) to keep as a keepsake down the road…I wonder if I could find the same book again when I visit back there). I loved that book and what it meant to us.

Now, after banishing me to the awkward writings that we now share, you send this to me today? Why did you do that? That just seems mean and cruel. Maybe you have no idea how important it is to me or something. You were going to pick up your sister from college, and on the way back, you were listening to Allison Krauss on he radio with your dad and sister, and you must have been reading this along your trails. Cool, good for you. But, why must you share that with me on a text? And, then, when I don’t respond to said text-you post it on Facebook, with my name tagged? Ugh, not nice.

I sometimes do think you are just sending something my way every so often just so I will be around when (and if) you need me to be there for you. You sent a “Happy Mother’s Day” text to me soon after, that I said “thanks” to. I also responded to your picture with something along the lines of “great read”. I just don’t understand why you start talking to me, only to immediately stop…until next time. Your girlfriend will be back in town in nine days; are you feeling and antsy and lonely while you’re waiting? You usually start talking to me again when things aren’t going well for you in some way. Like I can somehow change things. Or, make them a smidge less stressful for you as you run away with our intellectual benders of late-night talks and stories.

I give up. Just when I am starting to get my mind off of you, and our past…there you are. Figures, because I was talking about you earlier today before I even knew of your texts. I should hush my mouth and quiet my thoughts. I am going to try again to rid myself of you and the crazy influence you have over me. We’ll see.

I should just ask him why he does these things, but knowing him, he will have no answer, and be confused by my confusion. He never thinks before he does things. Writing this out is somewhat therapeutic for my emotional state.

Allow myself to only be treated well by the people I choose to have friendships and relationships with. If they do not, I need to find the courage to move on without them. (read all 3 entries…)

I don’t have many people in my life anymore (not that I really ever have), but the few that are here I have chosen to stay connected to for good reasons. They are kind and loving people; silly and goofy people whom I love and enjoy. I hope to find people down the road who are lovely and fit well with me, but until then, I’m just fine. I don’t mind being in my own little world. It’s much easier and less stressful.

The people who were in my life at various times who treated me unjust, are no longer here. I smartened up and realized I deserved better than how I was getting along in life with the people who drained me and tortured my insides. I feel so much better without them in my life. I don’t feel bad at all for letting them go; they handed me the key to shut their door and lock it, after all.

There may be another time where I will have to re-open this goal (as we all know: unjust people come around in the bucket loads, sometimes), but for now, I have been successful with this goal, and feel I can count it as completed. :) There is one more person I have been holding onto for too long that I need to let go of, but that person has their very own goal on my list.

I really hope that as I progress further into life, that I can realize when people are no good for me before they get a chance to fool me once, and DEFINITELY before the second fooling!

Collect quotes (read all 47 entries…)
Quote # 186, on Wisdom, from Mother Teresa...

“If you can’t do it with love and cheerfulness, don’t do it at all, go home.”

- Mother Teresa

A true miracle of a woman.

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