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I'm doing 4 things

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  1. 1. lose ten pounds
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  2. 2. get my septum pierced
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  3. 3. be more relaxed
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  4. 4. write a book
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be more relaxed
I'm too stressed out

I want my motto to be “don’t worry,” but it’s so difficult. I wish I was more like my friend, who always says that everything is all good and doesn’t freak when she gets into trouble. She’s very casual about decision making nd I aspire to be that way. I hope I won’t fret so much about every little mistake.

get my septum pierced
I want to SO badly

Of course my mom wouldn’t approve, so I have to wait until there will be a time when I won’t see her for a while so as to let the healing process start before flipping it up into my nose. I also want my friend to do it for me, as I did hers and she’s very knowledgeable about this sort of thing. But I’m very impatient!

lose ten pounds
I'm trying very hard

...but fast food calls to me every day. I must tell myself NO!!


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