is teaching the goddamn pentatonic scale to kids.

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  1. 1. become financially independent with my music
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  2. 2. become a disciplined person
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  3. 3. wake up early
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  4. 4. Apostatize
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become financially independent with my music
My main goal by now

I used to study at the university, but I spent more time playing the guitar than studying. That was a few years ago, and then I set myself an objective: to become financially independent with my music before I turned 30. I am now 27, and I feel like I’m not working hard enough to reach my objective. I know that it’s a stupid thought, considering that I have 3 musical projects, I’m starting a recording studio with a partner, I’m teaching guitar at a school in Terrassa… but I work very hard and I earn very little! The plan is to earn money with my projects, but I think I’ve chosen the wrong country to work on the musical lines that flow when I write music.
Anyway, I’m confident about my quality as a musician. I just need a bit more of “luck” ;-)


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